Currency operations

When concluding international contracts often require accounts in banks of special jurisdictions, which the client does not have.

Sometimes the nature of international currency transactions is very complex and there is a great risk of not taking into account all the nuances and losing control of cash, who have left the client’s account, but didn’t come to the account of the counterparty and vice versa.

BWMS experts are well versed in the specifics of banks in various jurisdictions, their requirements, terms and other.

BWMS will indicate the optimal scheme for conducting international currency transactions, and, if necessary, will provide its own resources for their implementation, taking all risks.

Conducting international currency transactions

We assist in conducting international currency transactions. We carry out currency transactions in jurisdictions designated by the customer. We organize and accompany transactions on behalf of the client and in his interests.

We highlight the main features of foreign exchange transactions.

Currency operations consider various actions, which are made using currencies. This may be the implementation of payments or the termination of contractual obligations for their transfer. Currency funds act as a source for payment of transactions, as well as for the purpose of transferring property.

Such actions are carried out in relation to monetary units., valuable papers, payment orders, precious metals. Current transactions include export, import of property, goods and services, which involves the transfer of foreign currency. If capital flows, it cannot be performed without a special license, issued by the Central Bank.

Transactions of this kind have no limits.. They are carried out between a resident and a non-resident.. The foreign exchange market has specific features. It is characterized by continuity, action, speculative. When carrying out transactions, the exchange rate must be taken into account. It provides significant benefits from the purchase., when the course falls. And vice versa, selling produce, if facts of appreciation of currency are noted.

Currency transactions arise, if:

– A person exchanges money in the currency of another state;

– Funds are used to arrange settlements during international transactions;

– Cash is transported domestically, imported or exported abroad.

Absolutely all procedures involve buying, sale or possession of foreign currency property for a specified period. Even deals, during which actions with cash, may be indicated, as currency. for instance, purchasing a product abroad, the buyer pays it in monetary units of the seller's country. Respectively, such an action can be safely attributed to the purchase of currency.

What are the benefits of foreign exchange transactions?

The foreign exchange market is actively developing and improving.. The following prerequisites played an important role in its creation.:

– Active development of relations at the international level;

– Emergence of agreements, who regulated financial relations with foreign states;

– The emergence of foreign loans and credit systems;

– Enhanced Bank Correspondence;

– Development of communication systems for transmission, collecting the necessary information on foreign exchange transactions.

There are opportunities for increasing capital through the sale of currencies, as the course is constantly changing. The market has accumulated the necessary information and provided complete information on transactions, held around the world. Due to the development of credit systems, the benefits of earning debt obligations appeared. Real forecasting of exchange rate fluctuations was carried out due to full statistics of currency changes. Thanks to Internet technologies, investors have received maximum guarantees of success with low risks..

Such a market creates maximum protection against risks due to a well-thought-out system for its management.. Using advanced technology greatly simplifies operations. All calculations, transfers are made without loss of profit. The largest world banks are involved for this., having an impeccable reputation. Absolute liquidity of transactions contributes to a constant increase in average daily trading growth.

How is the support of foreign exchange transactions?

Support for foreign exchange transactions represents a whole range of actions to implement the transaction procedure. It provides for mandatory compliance with the regulatory framework., compliance with local laws regarding residents and non-residents. The system of events includes:

– Maintenance and control of customer accounts in foreign currency;

– Non-trading operations;

– Establishing partnerships with banking institutions;

– Drawing up the necessary documents for conducting currency transactions;

– Representing clients in banking organizations, law firms and other authorities;

– Service of foreign economic activity, expressed in the performance of currency control functions;

– Advantageous placement of funds received from the implementation of foreign exchange agreements;

– Implementation of documentary and non-documentary operations;

– Providing advice on legal support of foreign exchange transactions.

Considering this type of operations in the context of the formation of trust relations and the creation of offshore companies, we can say this is a very profitable tool for increasing capital. Having certain tax deduction benefits, taking advantage of the lack of currency control in a number of offshore zones, You can successfully promote your business through the purchase and sale of currency. Floating rate makes it possible to earn on transactions with company assets.

What our customers use?

Our clients get professional foreign exchange support. We offer:

– Flexible terms of currency settlements;

– The provision of personal manager services;

– The highest level of expert evaluation of a foreign exchange transaction agreement;

– Fast and safe ways to make currency transfers;

– Instantly solve problems;

– Preparation of the necessary package of documents for the development and maintenance of foreign economic contracts;

– Convenient remote customer service options.

Each currency transaction is carefully monitored., starting from the preparation of the contract and ending with operations, made with customer accounts. A comprehensive assessment of possible risks from the results of the transaction is carried out.. The most optimal calculation options are selected, thanks to which you can successfully develop your business.