Asset Management

В некоторых юрисдикциях на территории СНГ сложно обеспечить сохранность накопленных активов: нестабильная политическая и экономическая ситуация, риск отъема бизнеса при содействии государственных структур, другие негативные факторы.

Решением подобных проблем является перевод активов за рубеж и грамотное управление ими – это позволит сохранить и приумножить накопления, вывести бизнес на новый уровень.

Эксперты BWMS в разных юрисдикциях давно и успешно управляют активами в рамках договора доверительного управления.

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Asset management abroad

Our team has been providing professional representation and fiduciary services. Asset management through the legal and financial tools, to date, it became common practice for the reasons, related to the need for additional level of security, diversification of cash flows and business operations, general political uncertainties and the different individual specificities of individual enterprises.

investment management

Relevance, asset management to investment placement, будет очевидна для тех кто уже сталкивался с отказами в возможности вложений и покупки недвижимости. Это происходит, usually, in jurisdictions with increased activity of regulators and demanding transparency. company, providing accommodation services investments, complex systems of loans and credits, mergers and acquisitions, as well as buying property, constantly faced with the dilemma, that puts them in front of a choice: take the customer's money, or lose license. Audit, such companies, it familiar and, often, sudden. Their stakes are too high to risk at onbordinge, even very attractive for business customers, and their game is too thin to "guide" the potential client, instructing him to give advice. The main problem, usually, the applicant's inability to meet the requirements for disclosure of the source of funds / capital. Sources of recognized high-risk, Reasons to be recognized as such can be a set of.

In the context of such situations, our company assumes the passage of internal protocols and procedures, Company - provider and serves as their client, later. Please contact us for further advice, with the analysis of a case study.

Representation services in business transactions

In view of the global political agenda, including, aimed at limiting the influence of Russia in the world processes, there was a very uncomfortable situation for both Russian business and individual wealthy people - the lucky holders of Russian passports and some other CIS countries. In some cases, the implementation of these plans turns into a thorny path, filled with endless explanations of, Who, where to, where and why, and it is accompanied by all the requests of new documentary evidence. In other cases, this path not destined to start due to an incorrectly selected at the initial stage approach, jurisdiction, forms of corporate structure, etc..

Involvement of experts in the field of regulation of financial transactions, able to analyze the risk appetite of the participating organizations and are ready to take a front-line position in the aspect of representation of client's interests, It may be the only way out. Our team assists you in the preparation of the corporate structure from scratch, or adjust an existing order, to minimize questions from the outside and restrict the field to study outside. We also otsmotren legalization, confirmation that the necessary sources of funds, степень рискованности запланированных операций и многое другое что обратит на себя внимание заинтересованных сторон. И наконец, we are at the highest level of professionalism and efficiency of your representatives will perform in locomotive mode, hold your business through all filters and internally bureaucratic procedures.

Family trusts

In questions, relating to family welfare, can not be excessive caution and thoroughness in the asset management context, distribution and security.

Our team will help you create a family Trust, in this way, that he would become a fortified Fort welfare of your family and protect your assets from external attacks. We create anonymous, legally acceptable forms of interaction, позволяющие сохранить максимум контроля за активами и право принятия всех решений в управлении и распределении благ. Работа, that we do, there may not be excessive in view of various shocks and threats, which experts predict.

Asset management abroad, representation services

We undertake asset management, in accordance with the client's instructions and solely in his interest. Legal registration and support of all transactions carried out taking into account the specificities related to the involved jurisdictions, client activity, and standards, standards and regulatory requirements.

Customer orders are executed efficiently and quickly, each action is fully transparent and under the control of the customer.

Our services as a way of investment management

Such financial sphere pursues certain goals and objectives. Among them can be defined such priorities, as:

– marketing activities;

– Harnessing the power of Professional Financial Managers;

– Implementation of the various trade transactions with values;

– Identifying possible risks of the use of certain assets;

– Formation of the necessary documentation for reporting customers.

Such a trend suggests compliance with established legal norms, attract experienced financial auditors, Auditors, experts in the field of information technology, etc..

During Foreign Asset Management there are some risks. They are mostly related to the problem of obtaining the issue of profit depending on the state securities market. Great importance is the level of professionalism, unconventional approach invited for such work professionals. It can be difficult to maintain earnings at a high level, because capital owners withdraw part of the money due to lower level of profitability.

However, despite the challenges, more and more businesses for the purpose of asset management abroad. They organize their work on the basis of the license issued documents. They can perform their functions simultaneously for joint investment institutions. Receive a fee for their services.

The main functionality of these systems is as follows::

– Work on finding new sources of investment;

– Constant monitoring of the situation on the market;

– Control over the process of receipt of funds on the accounts of the company;

– Organization of sustainable financial development of the company, monitoring the state of its accounts;

– Formation of the necessary reporting;

– Regular work on the revaluation of existing assets;

– Preparation of new contracts for the purchase and sale of assets.

To ensure a high level of trust relationships need to pick up a team of professional managers, able to find the right solutions to the most complex financial situations.

What is the benefit from the asset management?

opportunity to use Representation services experienced professionals attract more and more owners trust companies. This form of management is becoming increasingly popular among business people in various fields. Experience shows, This allows you to get a lot of advantages:

– Consistently high profits;

– Sophisticated and well-established asset movement control system;

– Excellent opportunity to receive dividends in the short term;

– The alignment system of relationships with the owner of the assets on an individual basis.

Sometimes it is impossible to achieve a high return on their own. Attracting skilled and competent in these matters a man dates a maximum positive. Thanks to well-planned action of the control, you can quickly respond to changes in asset market. Use such methods of work, thanks to which the sale and purchase of property will bring significant profits.

Any support your company has an individual character. Personal Assistant in a timely manner will make the right decision. Change the terms of the transaction in favor of the client. If required, prematurely terminate the contract concluded earlier. Adjust the amounts of capital for the shortest possible time. The ultimate goal of any control - getting as much as possible dividends. From this factor depends on the level of his income.

What are the objectives trust?

Agreement, that the owner sign with the management company, aimed at solving specific problems. Firstly, you need to earn as much profit in a real situation on the market of assets. It can be obtained, используя мобильную тактику и продуманную стратегию при осуществлении торговых операций. Порой бывает сложно предугадать скачки в финансовой сфере. И доход будет меньше, чем вы предполагали. Но в любом случае, такой вариант управления не оставит ваших акционеров без дивидендов.

Во – вторых, наемный управляющий должен выполнять все требования клиента. Он не может самостоятельно распоряжаться вашим имуществом по своему усмотрению. Обязан направить финансовые средства на покупку тех активов, которые предусмотрены условиями договора. В противном случае клиент вправе потребовать выплаты денежной компенсации за некачественно выполненную работу.

finally, выбранный вами управляющий должен владеть не только специальными знаниями в финансовой сфере. Он сможет грамотно управлять вашими активами при условии многолетней положительной практики. Неопытный работник может привести не только к уменьшению доходной статьи. Благодаря непродуманным действиям вы рискуете полностью лишиться своих накоплений.

Полный перечень услуг

Мы предлагаем воспользоваться услугами наших профессиональных менеджеров. Они подготовят индивидуальную стратегию управления вашим капиталом. Составят инвестиционный план, который адаптирован под происходящие изменения. Он окажет помощь в реализации поставленных целей. Объединит всех участников трастовых отношений в едином информационном поле, тем самым создаст благоприятные условия для успешного продвижения вашей компании.