A banking license

A banking license

A leading British bank Barclays has placed its technology center in Vilnius, from providing services worldwide.

SEB Bank, Swedbank, Danske Bank a leader as the money transfer market and Western Union operator NASDAQ Stock Exchange, They placed their service centers in Vilnius and from there conduct operations around the world.

Regulator to issue bank license assignment serves the Central Bank of Lithuania. At the moment their priority is to attract players in the market of financial services in the country, as evidenced by the following facts.

BWMS Cost of services and accompanied by a banking license:

  • A banking license in Lithuania from 3 600 000 rubles
  • A banking license in Sierra Leone from 3 400 000 rubles
  • Obtaining a banking license in BVI (BVI) from 3 900 000 rubles

The general conditions for obtaining a banking license in Lithuania

Regulator in question assigning a banking license The Central Bank of Lithuania performs. At the moment, the priority of the Lithuanian authorities is to attract financial services market players in the country, as evidenced by the following facts.

The gentle treatment acts on Lithuania assigning a specialized bank license. specialized bank, unlike a bank with full functionality but is restricted to the management of investment and management of investment funds. This type of license allows you to perform the following operations across Europe:

  • loans granted.
  • Issuance of credit cards.
  • Receiving deposits.
  • Currency exchange.
  • Issue of electronic money (online wallet, debit cards, etc.).
  • Issue of letters of credit.
  • financial leasing.
  • financial intermediation.
  • Rental of safe deposit boxes.
  • Making payments.
  • Connecting acquiring.

The amount of authorized capital is 1,000,000 Euro.

All materials may be submitted in English. If Bank standards mismatch materials may be corrected and supplemented during the procedure. The whole procedure takes up to 6 months, which is a record time in such processes.

Instant access to SEPA.

any sanctions in the first year. The regulator tends to allow minor offenses committed in first year of operation of the bank.

startup visa for all the founders and directors of the bank.

The content of the whole structure in Lithuania, much cheaper, than in any other European country. The possibility of cost optimization is a key factor in the country's electoral matters, from which control will be carried out of the structure. When this is not necessarily the organization's head office in Lithuania and hiring employees from Lithuania or the EU. At the time of filing of the application in the structure should be at least ten employees, including three persons including directors and three persons, performing control functions.

We offer the organization of the whole process, including the preparation of all materials, participation in the company's structure and engaging employees on a permanent basis, and outsourced to fulfill regulatory requirements.

For more detailed advice contact BWMS. E-mail address: info@bridgescorp.ru