Registration of the company in the offshore

Company, registered in the offshore jurisdiction allows you to do business with companies in different jurisdictions, without paying taxes to the state registration.

Besides, this allows the company safeguard the accumulated funds from foreign encroachments or high tax burden.

Banks in these jurisdictions do not report their customers and their contributions to the supervisory authorities, that helps to protect the confidentiality.

The variant of the transmission company, registered more 2 years ago and regularly yielding accounts during this time. Such a company may already have an account with a bank or jurisdictions do not have such.

Also BWMS promptly register a new company in the jurisdiction of interest in accordance with the business features.

BWMS have reliable contacts among the officers of the top offshore banks and banks in Hong Kong and Singapore, that allows you to confidently pass the compliance of the bank and is guaranteed to open a bank account in a bank offshore, Gongong or Singapore.

Company Cost of registration in the offshore

  • The company in Cyprus from 180 000 rubles
  • Register Company in Hong Kong from 125 000 rubles
  • Register Company in Singapore from 270 000 rubles

Companies in the offshore. Firm in Hong Kong, Singapore and Cyprus, with or without a bank account

Modified on the customer (a person, authorized customer) already registered entities to open accounts with leading banks in Hong Kong and Singapore, or register a new company and to open bank accounts according to preliminary agreements in the framework of a fiduciary relationship.

The deadline for registration of a legal entity - 5 working days in Hong Kong and 2 working days in Singapore. In addition to the registration of new companies, we assist in buying mature companies five or ten years ago in both jurisdictions.

Term of opening a bank account 7-40 working days (depending on the bank and the company's readiness).

While, both with direct ownership by all clear, We draw your attention to the way businesses indirect ownership while maintaining control over its assets and operations. As the registration of fiduciary nature of transactions we propose the formation of the Trust as the only legally-correct tool. Trust allows you to keep control of the company's assets and, if necessary, It ensures the anonymity of the beneficiary.

asset ownership, in particular, operating business Trust through a modern, necessary and practically the only possible solution for today, suggesting preservation of assets, legally acceptable fiduciary relationship and anonymity, if necessary.

Trusts and trust relationships are not provided and are not regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and because of the lack of practical experience with Trust, This legal instrument is skepticism and distrust among the citizens of the Russian Federation. However, Trusts - a common practice for common law, regulating international business relationships.

Trust does not necessarily require disclosure of the fact of its existence, conditions and its participants.

It should be noted, that the rules, established by regulation, We suggest the identification of all members of the Trust and the collection of supporting documents.

Customer information is stored in our indoor domestic registry and is presented only upon request by the competent authorities or by a judicial decision.

Thus, we are the guarantor of the customer anonymity, and client, in turn, guarantor of security and cleanliness of our business.

The above-described, directly form the circumstances of the service "company + Bank account".

Why buy a company in an offshore?

Analysis of the business development of the market under current conditions shows, that many entrepreneurs seeking to open a company in the offshore. This company, which are registered in jurisdictions with favorable tax system. There are many states, which has created favorable conditions for foreign residents, I am planning your business outside of your home state.

Wherein buy a company in an offshore It may be a citizen of any country. Do not play the role of the level of their welfare, race. The main thing - is to have a certain experience in business. Also possession of literacy skills and enterprise management staff recruited. This form of business organization can be very effective for business development in any industry.

Making a decision buy the company in offshore, future owner gets a lot of winning benefits:

– the ability to manage their business anonymous way;

– the use of targeted tax deduction system, providing a lot of benefits;

– by local authorities on the annual accounts of the minimum requirements, Some organizational issues;

– complete absence of foreign exchange controls;

– conducting financial transactions using any currency;

– reliable protection of data privacy, through waste legislative framework;

– simplified registration procedure, the possibility of filing via the Internet without the personal presence.

that open a company in an offshore account with, you need to clearly understand the peculiarities, which brings local legislation. Almost in all areas need to make contributions to the state treasury for the payment of duties and taxes. It also requires payment for services of local secretarial bureau and auditor, checking accounts at the end of the year. Nominal share ownership and management of the company provides business anonymity.

Registration in the offshore zone entitles the owner to use any foreign currency accounts. It can regulate financial transactions with their contributions, storing means at any bank structure. And leave resulting from the activities of a profit in the currency, which is most beneficial. Conversion into the local currency is not mandatory.

Why choose Hong Kong and Singapore?

Buy a company in Hong Kong - means to organize a business in the most favorable economic zone. Hong Kong occupies a leading position in attracting foreign capital. He has a stable financial and political situation, and offers significant benefits to the overall reduction of the tax burden. If the income received by the Company outside the territory of Hong Kong and is not directly related to operations produced on its territory, the owner is fully exempt from taxation. Reduced to a minimum value-added tax, profits from capital invested, percentages of shares.

Start a company in Hong Kong it is possible for a very short time. The entire registration process is only 5 working days. The possibility of filing documents to remote way, there is no need for personal presence. Opening a bank account can take up to a month, renewal of open account takes up to two weeks.

If we draw a comparison, where it is profitable buy a company in Singapore or Hong Kong, it should be noted, that the first country is characterized by the following rules:

– Obligatory presence of officially registered office;

– the presence of at least one director, a resident of Singapore;

– free online access to information about the directors and shareholders.

In spite of the above factors, which certainly can be attributed to the inconvenience, Singapore loyal to the business, originating in Russia and the CIS. Hong Kong, in turn, negative attitude towards Russia and the beneficiaries of direct payments from Russian banks. For this reason, we advise our customers to buy a company in Hong Kong, only the trust and rely on the work, not involve direct interaction with Russia.

To acquire the company in Singapore It will be beneficial and convenient for those entrepreneurs, who are planning to transfer of capital, business operations in part or in whole,, or start a new business with a physical presence in the region.

Our team will help you make the right decision and assist in the implementation of your plans. We provide the total volume of representative services, and the organization of all processes at your activity and its specificity. You can contact us for a small service and for the construction of complex structures, Our approach is aimed at getting you the best possible experiences, on the difficult and thorny path of business processes.