Open an account with a foreign bank

Open an account with a foreign bank

BWMS services of opening bank accounts of foreign credit institutions. This service is one of the main profiles of our company. With extensive experience and presence of its employees and representatives in most of the countries listed below, BWMS offers these services at a reasonable cost.

Exclusion of intermediaries in the provision of data services – the main criterion for high quality and reliability of the cooperation with our company. We offer our customers the highest level of service, corresponding to the world standards of quality.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account in the United States from 140 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Singapore from 380 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Hong Kong from 270 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in China from 90 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in the UK from 55 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Norway from 85 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Ireland from 180 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Switzerland from 70 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in the Czech Republic from 90 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Poland from 90 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Malta from 180 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Cyprus from 90 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Lithuania from 75 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Kenya from 70 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Sierra Leone from 45 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account in Gambia from 55 000 rubles

The above applies to the cost of BWMS services of opening accounts in foreign banks, depending on the country, which requires the expense of. The cost of the above services includes BWMS costs of the procedure, as well as costs associated with the preparation of necessary documents for submission to the bank. The cost is calculated on the basis of a specific list of banks in each country, data list, you can find out by contacting us. If necessary, open a bank account in the bank is not included in this list of possible value adjustments.

Also in the cost of services for the opening of bank accounts are not included in the nominal service costs, services director (if required), invoices for travel expenses, accommodation and finding a resident in the country required. These costs, when they occur, discussed and agreed with the client on an individual basis.

Accounts in foreign banks for a company or an individual

For, to open a bank account abroad, the Client must provide documents, which depends on several factors. First, depending on the country, which opens Thu, there are different requirements for documents, Second list of documents can be installed in each bank individually.
Contacting BWMS The client can specify a list of interest to its banks and / or country, in which he wants to open an account. Our experts will select the optimum solution based on the objectives and the need for a Client. In some cases, we offer an alternative, but more affordable option to the Client, based on our experience.
As it is often required to open a bank account in a country other than the country company registration, in this case, we choose the best option for the client based on the actual and projected activities of the existing companies given the country of its origin.

Open an account with a foreign bank with BWMS

BWMS specializes in opening of bank accounts Worldwide. Our portfolio includes extensive experience in this field, we help our clients to open accounts in banks on all continents.

Open a bank account offshore or onshore, for a company or an individual – our work. We love and do with pleasure and love.

Contacting BWMS you can be sure about the quality of services provided, their efficiency and reasonable cost. We solve problems of any complexity, choosing solutions based on the realities of the banking market and customer needs.

Bank account abroad

Highly relevant and popular service. It is often necessary to conduct financial activities abroad, and in many ways it is more profitable, easier and safer to carry possessing its own (controlled) bank account.
Due to the nature of modern banking market, as well as a number of political issues, Russian citizens can not be just to open a bank account in the required country or jurisdiction. BWMS experts will help you solve this problem, with the result of the guarantee.
must be considered, company “passing” bank compliance in one country, not fact, it will take him to another. The conditions and requirements of the customer can be different in different banks in one country.
In each case,, for the successful implementation of this goal requires an individual approach, sober and objective assessment, professionalism.
Often it takes a long time to collect the necessary documents, their preparation and submission to the bank for the study of banking experts. Sometimes the bank individually expands the list of requested documents, which can lead to difficulties in the operational opening of a bank account. These factors are also desirable to take into account when choosing the country and the Bank.

Assistance in opening bank accounts. Ready-made companies to open accounts.

Partnerships with a number of offshore banks. without the services of intermediaries.

That fact, that from one year to the bank accounts has become increasingly difficult to open has become a truism for all of us. On the one hand this is true, and the primary reason for this tightening of standards stalo regulators. The problem is not only in the strict requirements but also the employees of the banks, which do not always fully understand the rules and procedures and often banal confused about the current case studies, who are in their consideration.

Of course, in such conditions, which in essence sovey counterproductive and run counter to the very idea of ​​business, select agent, who understands not only its mission but also can help the rest of the parties to fulfill their tasks. We are the ones who do the extra work and has the insider knowledge and understanding of procedures, that allow us to achieve the highest possible efficiency. Turning to us for service to open a bank account you choose qualitatively different solution to their problems. We have access to opportunities, which by definition excluded from the arsenal of our competitors. Trusting us, you will not be disappointed. In the face Bridges, You will receive a partner, for which the success of their customers is a cause for pride.

Personal interest in the success of each client.

selection jurisdiction and conditions appropriate to the scale and type of your problems. Opening bank accounts for a visit or remotely. Expert assessment of the legal and tax planners.

In a competitive market every man selects approach in marketing, growth strategy, potential niche in the market and approach in employing the string players.

The task we see the formation of the team, which is capable of quickly and efficiently parse any tasks. we avoid routine work in frames, mass in orders and do not undertake the impossible tasks. Our advice is always possible not reflect reality embellished her.

Our interest and the absolute priority is to that to the client all turned, he was satisfied with the service he received and renewed our services from year to year.