international transactions

Western partners habitually work in the common law system and use the services of professional consultants, that “eaten more than one dog” in this region.

Russian businessmen also difficult to understand all this. No less difficult and to find a consultant, which really had to deal with it and provide professionally deal.

Show the same incompetent in such matters fraught.

BWMS specialists have extensive experience in providing cross-border transactions of varying complexity.

Assistance in carrying out cross-border transactions

We advise and / or represent the interests of the customer, present procurement service companies, We fulfill customer orders; in the interests of the customer for the purchase and we take all necessary measures.

The rights of the management company, formal representative, agent or upon outsourcing to us some of the tasks the customer, we are ready to assume the functions of procurement of the enterprise, Management and coordination of procurement activities for the benefit of the customer.

We offer full support for transactions and trading at various levels with a rigid implementation of the specified timeframe and the conditions set by the client.

Especially cross-border transactions

international transactions - a form of business relationship, which involves at least two sides. They are residents of different states. The subject of this contract may be very different spheres of activity. In recent years, increased the number of sale of intellectual property agreements. Not reduced the volume of trade turnover. A growing number of products exported abroad.

If we consider the types of transactions, they can be divided into main groups: one-sided, bilateral, multilateral. The implementation of the first type of priority is the desire on the one hand to arrange a deal. Double-sided version requires at least two partners. They can be both legal, and individuals. Multilateral Agreement signed by not less than three members.

Support of cross-border transactions It provides for compliance with the legal framework in the field of business relations. This is a list of activities, aimed at preparing the necessary documents in accordance with current regulatory - legal framework. This includes:

– Audit treaty text, expert assessment of its content;

– study questions, related to tax risk;

– Preparation of the content of an international treaty;

– Continued participation in the negotiations on the conclusion of the transaction;

– Justice and legal assessment of the object of the transaction;

– Preparation of documents, necessary for the preparation of expert opinions;

– Protecting the interests of contracting parties in the legislative bodies, executive power;

– Preparation of a report on the results of the financial activities for the year.

All actions are aimed at protecting the interests of participants in the transaction, eliminate the risk of financial loss. Therefore, the contents of the treaty should be detailed and justified. The parties stipulate virtually all moments, starting from the basic provisions and ending with such details, as the reimbursement of travel expenses, payment of fines and fees.

Pros international transactions

Trading operations at the international level it gives a lot of advantages to all parties involved. trade at this level allows:

– Get profitable opportunities for growth of mass production of the exported goods;

– Continually improve performance through the introduction of new, more advanced technologies;

– Finding reliable sources of capital and invest it in the further development of the company;

– Involve the production of an increasing amount of manpower;

– To improve its business at the expense of a healthy international competition;

– Accelerate issues, related to intensification and specialization of production processes.

The use of transactions in this area makes it possible to get away from the restrictions of tax. Thereby increase the competitiveness of goods and services sold. Such mutual agreements contribute to the effective promotion of the products offered in foreign markets. Seller offers lower prices, sells a product with improved performance. Accordingly, grows the level of interest among buyers. They buy a product with significant benefits, High Quality. Under the disadvantages and problems, that arise during the execution of the transaction, all parties achieve their goals without unnecessary investments and compliance with the legal framework.

In a specific example, leasing transaction can be traced benefit at the conclusion of such Partnership. Payments are made permanent, evenly throughout the term of the contract. They are paid from the income, which gives the leased property. There are no property taxes, not depreciated, excludes contracts for the purchase - sale. All payments are planned nature. Therefore, persons, sign an agreement, may calculate expense items.

Render any assistance

We provide professional assistance in carrying out cross-border transactions. We produce:

– Assessment of compliance of the provisions of the transaction legal norms and legal framework;

– Legal verification of the counterparty;

– Execution of the transaction documents (scheme, contract, expert opinions);

– Risk analysis and make suggestions to minimize them;

– work on support trade;

Experienced professionals offer their services for the development of standard contracts, written statements, regulatory - legal justification. Defend the interests of customers throughout the negotiation process, registration procedures and contract signing. Defending the legal rights of the customer, directly participating in meetings instances at any level. All this allows us to successfully perform the contract, work to remove obstacles on the part of competitors and other interested parties.

We provide our employees to work on emerging issues in international courts, commercial arbitration. Организуем деловые партнерства с представителями иностранных юридических фирм по вопросам исполнения правовых норм в сфере торговых услуг. Проводим постоянные устные и письменные консультации для всех участников договора о торговом сотрудничестве, which covers the issues of foreign trade.