Corporate law

Organize business structure, companies which are located in different jurisdictions is difficult.

There is a need to reduce the costs, optimize taxes, and even eliminate the loss of control over business units risk.

To do this, (best on the stage of) consider the business structure based on the rule of law and to develop the necessary legal documents, governing the system of all the elements and businesses.

Consultation in the field of Corporate Law, at law

common law, also referred to the case-law or Case Law (Case Lo), It has its origins in the medieval and the United Kingdom to extend to all its past colonies from Gibraltar to Singapore and from Ireland to Jamaica. Also, many elements of the common law were borrowed and adapted jurisdictions Romano-Germanic legal family, for better cooperation in the context of growing globalization. common law – It is not only a set of clearly defined provisions, rules and laws, but also a set of principles based, predominantly, on the reasonableness and fairness.

Corporate law (Corporate Law или Company Law) engaged in describing the rights and obligations of the parties involved in the life of legal entities; regulation of their relationship and responsibilities to each other, to themselves legal entities and vice versa, and third parties in contact with the company's activities. Also, covered by a set of derivatives of the legal entity, occurring throughout its life cycle, from incorporation to liquidation and from loans to legal proceedings.

Consultation in the field of corporate law

Our specialists - experts in the field of law, with many years of experience, provide legal and legal support in any relevant, You are interested in the jurisdiction.

We are engaged in consultations, analysis, communication organization and provide representation services in issues of any complexity.

Enlisting the support of our, You can be sure, that your prospects are clear to the end, and the positions verified and stable.

we are competent, both in the formation of corporate structures and a variety of events and circumstances arising from their activities, and in terms of resolving conflicts of varying degrees of complexity or their initiation. Whether you are going to attack, defend, or you need advice, which will help to avoid both the first, and second, our team is ready to assist you and speak on your side.

What is meant by corporate law?

Corporate law It is defined as a system of relations, a set of specific rules, which are developed within the company. They are aimed at the creation and regulation of various aspects of the activities of a particular company. This area - a relatively young in the field of financial, economic relations. It is part of the Russian civil law.

Corporate law It has characteristic features:

– Aimed at legal regulation of social relations between the subjects of business – activity;

– It has its own object of regulation;

– Establishes the procedure of formation and operation of companies;

– It reflects the characteristics of the relationship within the company;

– Teaming up for some items with the principles of civil, legal, labor, business law;

If you put together the above symptoms, we can say, that this area of ​​the law - a system of rules, which are set by the Governing Bodies of the company. They express the will of all parties involved in the work. Are binding on.

What are the advantages of corporate law?

Any corporate normative acts have undoubted merits. Their main goal - to settle corporate relations. They streamline the process of this relationship. Warn possible problems, resulting in the company. If there are problems in the operation of one of the participants of the business activities, then imposed sanctions against this person, specified in the regulations.

Every act of the presence of various different promotions. They are a good incentive to increase the degree of self-interest of all participants of the business structure. interest, which relates to each employee, often it proves to be much more effective, than the interests of the whole team. Therefore, many business leaders are paying close attention to this issue. They develop a huge list of incentive measures.

Documents, reflecting corporate interests, are certain, exact nature. For example, if you consider, associated with the use of various computer tools, then this aspect is the personal responsibility of each employee. It is necessary to organize training, giving the opportunity to work with printers, computers and other devices.

Special attention is paid to the procedural component of corporate documents. This aspect provides for the application of the norms of material - legal. It may be different positions on the distribution of profits, payroll, transfer of dividends. According to the compiled acts increased leadership responsibility for their execution. This applies. As a material interest, and disciplinary.

What stands out the international corporate law?

International corporate law, its observance is yielding benefits for both business, and investors. The company has an opportunity to improve its image in the market. It has improved access to cheaper capital and long-term investments. It can use its embedded value more effectively. For it created an attractive environment in matters of finding reliable strategic partners.

Shareholders may exercise control over the activities of the company. They have every right to demand from the Management Report on the work. There is evidence to reduce risks in decision-making of investment character. finally, completely protected all the interests and rights of investors.

Knowledge of principles and mechanisms International corporate law contributes to the successful development of trust companies, организованных на территории иностранного государства. Это позволяет разрешать проблемные ситуации, who are committed to addressing civil - legal transactions, signing labor contracts, of accounting documents in a variety of supervisory bodies.

To avoid the risk of creating a disreputable firms, local legislation taking all measures to resolve this problem. They are tightening control measures, strengthen foreign exchange control. Put restrictive framework for the operation of offshore companies.

owners, planning to organize business outside Russia, We must be clear features of the tax system of the foreign state. clearly understand, how the order of the transaction. How to get the most benefits from capital investments. And what to do, In order to avoid the risk of selection of business partners, banking institutions with a bad reputation.

We will render assistance at a professional level

we organize consultation in the field of international corporate law on a variety of topics. The list of the most pressing issues include such topics:

– Proper preparation of contracts and making the necessary changes;

– Legal literacy study and competent support new projects in different areas of business;

– Specific details of the development, related to the adoption of decisions on the sale and purchase of assets;

– study questions, relating to the creation of reliable circuit protection of shareholders' rights at the international level;

– To prepare the necessary documents for submission to the courts;

– Characteristics and principles of corporate law, used in accordance with the legal requirements of a foreign country;

– Analytical work in matters of establishment of the company in the territory of another country;

– Problems of application of legal norms in the context of Russian legislation.