Consultations in the banking sector

If you need to open and use an account with a foreign bank or international payment system, you should clearly know:

• all the possibilities of using such an account,
• restrictions and prohibitions,
• rules for conducting interbank transactions (between banks in different jurisdictions).

For the probability of freezing or even the loss of large funds, in some cases, due to ignorance of the nuances, banks close their accounts without explanation and the ability to eliminate misunderstanding.

BWMS experts have proven contacts with officers of many banks in various jurisdictions, have experience in banking, therefore will help to understand all the nuances, coordinate any documents with banks or resolve any misunderstanding.

Consultations in the banking sector

Banking is the most important area of ​​our interests and professional activities..

We assist in operations with accounts and currency, we provide legal and information support.

Our experts help to understand issues of a high level of complexity., in the jurisdiction of interest to the customer.

We assist in opening bank accounts, obtaining the necessary banking instruments, we provide legal and information support.

When professional help is required in opening a bank account?

Opening a bank account - procedure, requiring special knowledge and rich experience. At first glance, it is quite accessible even to the most inexperienced entrepreneurs. In fact, many problematic situations arise.. Only a professional specialist can resolve them., who has extensive experience in banking. He can solve the most difficult and difficult issues.. The whole process is painless, in a short time and in compliance with the regulatory framework.

The reasons, by which a businessman needs assistance in opening a bank account, may be the following:

– Reduced registration costs;

– Weak knowledge of the internal regulations of the bank selected for submission of documents;

– The desire to avoid time delays, red tape and deferment;

– Mismatch between the legal and actual address of the organization.

To spend wisely on registration documents, best to invite a qualified employee. It will help to correctly distribute all financial investments.. Choose several offers from different banking institutions. Will choose the best for your business. The client cannot well know all the features of this sphere of the service market. He can make the wrong decision and spend decent money at the stage of receiving the right package of documents.

Despite the general requirements, which is put forward by the Central Bank, each banking structure has internal rules. They regulate the procedure for issuing permits. Beginning, and sometimes an experienced entrepreneur does not know the subtleties of this kind. Competent assistance in this situation will be very timely.. All conditions of the bank and legislative bodies of the central government will be fulfilled..

Mediator, having a wealth of business practices, will carry out all registration procedures without unnecessary red tape. Because he owns professional skills, possesses the necessary level of knowledge, the preparatory phase will be painless, competently. Thanks to the thoughtful and clearly planned actions of such an assistant, the client receives the maximum guarantee of quality. He will save time, Does not break the law and spend less money.

Often situations happen, when, having on hand a full package of documents, businessman gets a bank refusal. Most often this happens due to the choice of a dubious banking organization. When a person comes in for the second time asking to open an account, his papers are checked with special care. The client runs the risk of being refused again. And so on to infinity. In the end there will come a moment, when an entrepreneur simply abandons the idea of ​​creating his own business.

The natural question is the cost of such services.. For some, it will seem overpriced and overwhelming. Some will look for cheaper assistance options from less-experienced intermediaries.. Not worth saving, otherwise you may get a disappointing result. And spend a lot more finance. A smarter solution is to invite a specialist, reputable, positive feedback from past customers.

Let's solve your problems of any complexity

We offer legally sound assistance in opening a bank account. It is a system of activities, whose purpose is to assist at all stages of work. Competent employees will choose a reliable bank with an excellent reputation. Prepare a complete list of documentation. Provide it for review to bank managers without violating timelines. Provide ongoing customer support until the completion of the procedure.

Banking Advice covers a range of issues, related to:

– Opening order, keeping any account;

– The study of the requirements for conducting banking operations credit, deposit nature;

– Analysis of the most convenient options for settlement and cash transactions;

– Currency control and foreign exchange transactions;

– Sale and purchase of securities and other assets;

– The correct execution of reporting documentation and much more.

We are constantly consulting, highlight the most pressing issues and problems in working with banks. Explain the changes, included in the legislative framework. We find the best, win-win account opening options. We explain in detail, how to prepare reporting documentation, what are the terms of its provision. Where it is better and more profitable to open a business.

This activity is especially significant., when it comes to setting up companies in foreign countries. The future owner has no idea, how banking structures work in the country. This entails a lot of difficulties and mistakes.. Opening a bank account becomes such a challenge, that in the end you have to turn to the help of qualified consultants. Their services are expensive, there are cases, which indicate the incompetence of a foreign assistant.

To avoid such risks, it is better to turn to the services of our employees. They will achieve a positive result in the shortest time and with reasonable investments.. Will take into account the expressed wishes of the customer, carefully analyze the direction of your company. Submit the prepared documents to the bank and achieve a positive decision.