Compliance Audit

In some cases, it is necessary to identify various risks:

• financial losses;
• legal;
• reputational;
• loss of confidence of banks, regulatory structures, investors and others.

And after identification, take measures to eliminate them.

Bridges Wealth Management Solutions experts have many years of successful compliance audit and are qualified auditors, consultants and lawyers.

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Compliance audit of various levels

We conduct an audit to identify risks incurring losses due to unintentional non-compliance with the law, incorrect compilation of internal documents of the organization, non-compliance with the standards of self-regulatory organizations (if such standards or rules are binding on the organization), as well as as a result of the application of sanctions and (or) other measures of influence by the supervisory authorities.

We develop a set of measures to eliminate the identified risks.

We are experts and practitioners in the field of compliance (Compliance) and advise in the field of corporate law, finance and banking.

Eliminate inconvenient and risky situations, illiterate and thoughtless behavior of partners.

Working in foreign jurisdictions there is a risk of facing difficulties, caused by the need for in-depth and comprehensive due diligence checks by potential counterparties.

Our specialists help prepare and pass checks of any complexity regardless of the jurisdiction of interests.

We have the necessary accreditation and appropriate licenses to carry out these activities in most demanded jurisdictions.

Document preparation services, filling out questionnaires, negotiating, protecting the interests of the client, as well as a wide range of representation services (from telephone conversations to the conclusion of a contract in the interests of the client).

An effective tool for checking the activities of organizations

Compliance Audit - a system of measures, the purpose of which is to organize a thorough check of the organization's work for compliance with the legal norms of international and Russian legislation. This allows internal documents to be examined, administrative acts of the management organization. In the process of work, a thorough examination of the regulatory and legal framework is carried out. Determines the degree of compliance with safety requirements.

Any company organizes its work based on the rule, established by legislative acts and internal documents. Monitoring the implementation of these rules makes it possible to avoid fines and other penalties. Such a system is independent, Her work is organized on an ongoing basis.

Compliance Audit Service is to study the following risks, arising in the work of the enterprise:

– Violations of legal requirements when conducting financial transactions;

– Corrupt actions and official abuse;

– Potential threat from external threats (raider seizures, theft, various illegal actions);

– Financial insolvency risk, bad business reputation;

– Violations of legal norms due to the incompetence of company employees;

– Threats, associated with production and information losses.

A very important role Compliance Audit plays in organizing business abroad. Many different transactions are carried out by foreign companies every day.. Such control is of particular importance for financial institutions.. There are no hard and fast rules in other areas, and therefore the system for checking them is flexible. The size of the organization does not matter for control. All business participants are obliged to build their work in compliance with regulatory and legislative documents.

Each transaction is verified using compliance controls. This gives one hundred percent guarantees, that the company is not:

– Lose licensing documents, giving the right to organize activities in a particular area;

– Get banned, suspension of accounts;

– Will perform operations, to be invalidated;

– Will not damage your business reputation due to loss of investment attractiveness;

– Will be punished in the form of fines for the unprofessional work of their employees;

– Will be subject to on-site inspections.

Compliance Audit Service from the point of view of international law performs certain functions. It has an official status and an independent character.. Conflict of interest is completely excluded. Company employees must be fully accountable to the system. Inspections should provide access to inside information. To achieve a high-quality result, you need good resources. An effective system of interaction with control and supervisory authorities should be formed.

We exclude any risks

We offer order a Compliance audit companies, employed in various fields of activity. Our main task is to correctly assess the degree of protection of clients from all kinds of risks.. At the end of the check, we provide a full package of documents. It includes not only reports on the work done. Our specialists draw up a plan to eliminate both external, and internal threats.

Conduct Compliance Audit by our experienced staff means getting:

– A complete package of useful and easy-to-use documentation;

– One hundred percent guarantees of high quality and legal validity of the audit;

– Reliable information security;

– Solving the most complex projects based on an integrated approach;

– The maximum guarantee to exclude any risks of disclosing commercial secrets, personal data leak;

– Ability to qualitatively assess compliance with international requirements and compliance with the world's most productive information security systems.

We will develop a system of measures for a detailed analysis of the business schemes of companies. We will check the concluded transactions for compliance with Russian legislation. We will help to prove the legitimacy of the customer's actions, reflect the claims of the legislature, executive power. We will identify possible risk areas with maximum accuracy, posing the greatest threat to your business activities. We will give a legal assessment of the likely negative consequences in the work of your company.