Buy a registered company without a bank account

Bridges Welath Management Solutions has turnkey companies without a bank account in various jurisdictions:

Hong Kong
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
Sierra Leone
Kenya and others.

Registered companies without bank account available:

  • You can check the availability of companies by phone Price upon request

You can buy a ready-made company without a bank account by contacting us.

Also, in the specified jurisdictions, BWMS can register a new company or group of companies - in accordance with the specifics of the client's business. A company without a bank account is required to create corporate structures. It is also possible to independently open an account in any of the banks.

If necessary, we will tell, in some jurisdictions is better to register a company, where to open an account - based on the specific business tasks. For advice, call us on the phones at the very top or write to, specifying the purpose of registration, jurisdictions in question, wishes.

Why do you need a foreign company without a bank account

Mostly I register foreign companies for several purposes:
– acquisition of assets, for example real estate
– doing business
– to protect their interests in a particular country
In the first two cases, bank account is required, in the third it is not necessary. If necessary, register a trademark for a foreign company or make it a founder of a third legal entity, bank account may not be required.
Often foreign companies become the founder of a Russian company, acting as sole owner, at the same time, the economic activity of a Russian legal entity does not go outside the country.
Based on the tasks, supplied by the client, our specialists will select the best option for registering a company. We will advise on the country of registration and the organizational and legal form of a foreign company to solve the Client's problems with minimum costs and maximum benefits..