Investments abroad

Bridges Wealth Management Solutions specializes in investment programs. Among them are securities, the property, Technical equipment, loans, stocks, proven financial instruments.

Having many years of experience in providing investment activities, BWMS specialists will advise on various types of investments., which should be considered and how to maximize the benefits and eliminate risks.

BWMS specialists will ensure complete transparency and accountability of the investment procedure.

Investments abroad

Our experts develop relevant investment programs (the property, stocks, bonds, etc.).

The programs are aimed at working out a separate stage or at full support until the result.

Investment programs vary by field of activity and level of capital.

Based on many years of practice in various jurisdictions - for example, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, The Baltic states, USA Delaware, Gibraltar and Malta - developed an optimal algorithm of work, safety-related, purity and transparency.

The main priority is to ensure the highest security of transactions and the safety of customer assets.

An important part of the functioning of the modern economy

The concept of "Investments » inextricably linked to financial, economic activity of any state. According to experienced international experts, it is an investment for a certain period of time. Monetary amounts invested in entrepreneurship, industrial production, Agriculture, transport structures. the main objective, which the investor plans to fulfill is to receive income from invested funds.

Investments can be expressed in different investment options. These include securities., cash, investments in banks, real estate, various technical equipment, loans, stocks. You can manage capital as inside your country, both abroad. Foreign investment are very common. On the territory of foreign countries offshore, trust companies. Owners put values ​​in their development. And as a result of the activity, shareholders receive dividends. This method of investing attracts the stability of income., the possibility of using a simplified tax system.

There is an extensive classification of forms of investment. They vary depending on the use of property., investment parts, different organizational structures.

Based on the object of investment there are fixed and working capital. Financial investments include securities and registered capital. If you make a classification by investor, then this includes physical, legal entities, residents and non-residents of the country. May be a form of joint investment. Mandatory investments are distinguished by tasks, company development investment, diversification of its production.

Features of domestic investment

To solve problems within your country, investments may have intellectual, real and financial nature. Real investment for a very long time. Material resources are used for renovation., updates, enterprise improvement. Fixed assets expand. When working properly, free assets appear, which fulfill the role of income.

Very popular financial form. Domestic investors acquire valuable documents, bonds, open deposit bank accounts. Intellectual aimed at the development of scientific and technical potential. They contribute to the introduction of innovative products in industrial production and other areas.. The purpose of any investment is to make a profit from the turnover of invested funds, goods and services.

Why are foreign investments profitable??

Investments abroad give entrepreneurs a lot of winning moments. Compared to the unstable Russian economy, foreign capital is reliably protected from various economic shocks. This is because, what

– Real estate prices of any nature are always ahead of inflation;

– Crisis situations abroad are overcome faster, than in the domestic economy;

– The exchange rate of the dollar and the euro is growing steadily;

– Significantly simplified registration procedures;

– The tax system is flexible and loyal.;

– Very rare corruption moments;

– Short deadlines for processing the necessary documents allow you to solve all organizational issues quickly and without red tape.

Despite the positive aspects of such an investment, there are certain risks in asset retention, placed abroad. These include:

– Weak understanding of the tax system;

– The specific economic situation in a foreign country;

– Unstable political situation;

– Remote accommodation from your property;

– Investing in Unprofitable Production.

It is sometimes difficult to predict the situation in the foreign financial market, since its development is influenced by both internal and external factors. Ignorance of the characteristic features of the tax payment system, duties, fees can lead to a knowingly unfavorable investment. Special, when it comes to buying a property.

But with all the existing negative aspects, investing outside of Russia is more profitable and reliable.. It is important to choose a professional reseller, who can solve the most difficult tasks. Choose the most suitable investment option. Prepare the necessary documents without violating temporary requirements of local law.

We will provide any assistance in matters of investment.

Our clients receive maximum support in matters of investment. We offer the most effective investment programs, thanks to which owners will be able to get a stable income and not lose the money spent. The experience and professional knowledge of specialists allow you to find the best investment as securities, and financial resources.

We will arrange a thorough check of banking structures, examine the current economic and political situation in a foreign country. We will assist in opening foreign bank accounts. We will prepare a complete package of registration documents in compliance with the requirements of the current regulatory framework. They will help you choose the most convenient territory for long-term investment..