formation of trusts

In cases, when undesirable figure for one reason or another in any registers, but it is necessary to exercise control over capital abroad, you must use the Trust.

Many of the actual owners manage substantial assets in various jurisdictions, while remaining in the shadows.

According to the laws of many countries, senior officials of states not allowed to have a source of income abroad, or even a bank account.

The way out of the situation is such a tool, provided the provisions of general law, as the Trust.

Features of the use of the Trust instrument below.

Prices for our services:

  • Company registration and annual maintenance EUR 160
  • Services trustee EUR 8000 / year
  • Physical office address EUR 6000 / year

We are working with the banks Metro Bank, Barclays and NatWest. Opening a bank account takes from two weeks to a month.

*Prices may be adjusted depending on the amount of tasks.

The formation of the trust in the offshore, Singapore, Hong Kong and other

Trust and fiduciary management - the legal form of relations, in which the property is transferred at the disposal of the trustee (control or attorney), but the income from it are beneficiaries (beneficiary).

- provides ready, form a new.

- Organize trusts with one / several score / bank accounts / banks.

- reorganizing Trusts.

- Open a multi-currency accounts in the interests of the trust.

Formation of trusts is the foundation of our business. Trust (Trust, trust) This legal instrument, which is a form of relations, under which the beneficiary of the trust shall appoint an attorney, who actually owns the assets of the beneficiary.

In Russia there is no trust laws and, in the absence of the history of this relationship and positive experience, a profound misunderstanding of the service may occur, Consequently, distrust of.

In fact,, Tstretching it quite safe form of legal relationship simply because it is regulated by a separate law and a violation of the conditions of the Trust, depending on the extent of the damage, prosecuted adequately.

Trusts are recognized by courts and other relevant government agencies in all jurisdictions we offer.

Talk about the security of assets placed in the trust does not make sense, if not repelled by the reliability of a particular person, which is appointed attorney in Trust. person, which we employ as attorneys are specially selected, which is based on an algorithm, ensuring maximum transparency.

There are several forms of Trusts and their methods of application. In our case, we proceed from the customer's needs and choose the most secure solutions,  allowing us, largely (He steps in, in that it depends on us) successfully manage the risks of our customers.

Convenience and advantages of trusts:

First of all it is important to note, that throughout the life of the trust can not be determined, of which specific assets, placed in a trust, who belong to the beneficiaries of the trust. It means, it is impossible to impose a tax on the assets of the trust uniquely applicable to a particular person. Tax is paid by other criteria, depending on the jurisdiction.

It also means, what assets, placed in a trust to a large extent shielded from judicial encroachments, as the trust property is owned by a trust, rather than its beneficiaries, and in order, that this property has been distributed to the beneficiaries, Trust needs to be reorganized, only with the consent of the beneficiaries can happen, a separate judgment.

Secondly, Trust allows absolutely legally provide an anonymous asset management and distribution. Trust in personal bank accounts can be placed, the property, companies, etc..

And the most important thing, that relates directly to our strong side, Trust is the security of assets. The essence and structure of the Trust requires the appointment of an attorney, which protrudes holder or, do not panic, the owner of the trust assets. Default, he must act solely in the interests of the Trust. prove otherwise, it is subject to adequate criminal penalties, depending on the damage inflicted by the Trust.

Why open trusts in Hong Kong and Singapore?

Today, Hong Kong and Singapore are the most attractive areas for foreign residents. Democratic system of taxation, strong financial and political situation, absence of corruption - not all dignity, which can be attributed to the State Data. With more and more every year trusts in various fields of business there is in these areas. Organized business develops successfully, profits growing. However, Each country has specific laws, according to which it is possible to build a system of confidential relations with respect to these territories.

If you want to organize Trust in Hong Kong, it is necessary to represent accurately the features of this Asian territory:

– Significant benefits in taxation, allowing to reduce the payment to zero;

– No requirement for annual reporting;

– Possibility the formation of the Trust in Hong Kong the country's non-resident;

– exchange control Exception;

– Consistently high level of economic and political development of the state;

– Assets placed on owners' demand;

– The maximum level of protection of assets through well thought-out legal framework of the state;

– No need to register documents, that are made to the system.

The country is so attractive, that every year there are more and more trust systems. They work successfully in various fields. Increase their property, pay small taxes, using the favorable conditions of the local legislation.

Formation of Trust in Singapore also very profitable and efficient. Founder gets a lot of advantages:

– Harnessing the power of the banks with an impeccable reputation;

– Agreement for the avoidance of double taxation with many countries;

– full economic, financial freedom. No exchange control;

– Slight list of registration documents;

– The short period of the registration procedure;

– Ability to design documents electronically, without the personal presence;

– Preparation of the documentation in English, which is very convenient for most companies;

– Considered price conditions.

Trust in Singapore It establishes the principle of territorial taxation. tax in 17 % subject to those companies, who work within a given state. In the case of the organization of the company for the redistribution of state, tax deductions immediately reduced. There is also a favorable system of discounts.

Besides, provides maximum protection from theft, unauthorized access to personal information of shareholders. There is a possibility of entering into new financial markets. Singapore trust companies can act as a bridge between Asian holdings and foreign systems. Great choice of banks you can open any number of accounts, and at the same time enjoy the benefits of local jurisdiction.

Without false modesty, we want to highlight the fact, we have succeeded in the training and employment of their counterparties, which subsequently become attorneys of our clients. Algorithm, that we use when hiring attorneys future assumes the maximum transparency of each individual candidate. We take into account aspects such as the presence in social networks, marital status, binding to specific locations (universities, houses, apartment, place of work) and people (parents, brothers, sisters, children wife) and much more.