Due Diligence

Legal audit of the business needs in cases of acquisition of the business, investing in business, sale of business, examine the risks of working with contractor.

In some cases, conducting due diligence necessary and spelled out in the contract.

BWMS experts have experience in conducting audit of various business structures, in this regard, you can count on a comprehensive study of business as soon as possible.

Due diligence goes according to plan:

• Signing NDA
• assigning responsibility
• document request
• preliminary analysis of the documents submitted
• interviews with key personnel
• a call or meeting to clarify open questions
• If necessary, request additional documents
• preparing of report

If necessary, write to info@bridgescorp.ru, send a request for the list of documents, NDA template, checklist and a sample summary report.

Due Diligence on the highest professional level and

Conduct research for an objective and in-depth understanding of the object of investment and potential cooperation, including assessment of risk due to your degree of reliability of the counterparty. Unbiased assessment of the object involves a comprehensive study of the company, a comprehensive review of the financial condition of, propensity to transparency, market position and history.

Why is it necessary to carry out Due Diligence?

Due Diligence - a system of measures, which are conducted in order to verify the contractor for reliability. It allows you to conduct a thorough analysis of the alleged legal, financial and reputational risks. Check the integrity of the counterparty and verify its authenticity. Pre-set the risks and problems for, to eliminate their influence on the success of the development of business processes, and most importantly, identify all those responsible.

Our approach can be used in any field of activity and be focused on the analysis of the internal situation in your company and follow-up work to achieve the required standards. We will help you identify the best ways to improve transparency, attractiveness and credibility of the company. Due Diligence is a set of norms and standards, established the world's regulators and are part of the global filters. Compliance will help your company avoid marginal status and be acceptable to the cooperation in the world arena. Otherwise, you can wait even failures in the provision of services such banal, like accounting or legal support.

Service Due Diligence carried out for the following tasks:

– identification of the responsible persons in the company's counterparty;

– the competitiveness of established company analysis;

– expert evaluation of professionalism and competence of the company's management;

– determining the degree of reliability of the accounting formed, staffing and bank reporting documents;

– history of the company in the context of his loyalty;

– potential financial and reputational risks.

This is very beneficial in every way useful procedure. for instance, during the acquisition of the property investor owns reliable, full information based on professional research. The owner may use the real, reliable information on the planned investments, are justified and improve the economic situation of the company. Customer construction work receives reliable information on subcontractors, applying for order fulfillment. The information collected provides interested parties the arguments for effective negotiation process and minimizes the possible risks - to save the financial positions.

There are several kinds of Due Diligence. The first allows you to analyze the company's organizational structure, examine its past and predict the future success. Compare with other similar businesses. Perform an examination of the administrative capacity of management and staff employees.

Due diligence is conducted in compliance with the law regarding registration, constituent documents. Analyzes the process of formation of the authorized capital. Reveals the hidden facts or illegal operations in the formation of the legal base of the enterprise. Conducted an audit of the legality of the company's management.

Tax form to evaluate the tax risks. Set the total volume of payments for taxes, fees and charges. Prevent action by the tax authorities. Outline the prospects in matters of optimization policy in this field.

Financial studies provide an opportunity to analyze the scheme of income and cash expenditure. Verify the correctness of the accounting records of a financial nature. Set dynamics to improve stability of the enterprise. Give an adequate assessment of the internal control system.

Marketing analysis contributes to the proper definition of the situation on the market. It allows you to set the rating of the company. Check the degree of consistency and success of future business partners and prospective customers.

We will carry out professional research

Our customers will be able to carry out Due Diligence, using the services of experienced professionals, which will allow:

– to conduct a complete and reliable analysis of the current database, constituent, Interior and current documents;

– explore the advantages and disadvantages of the company structure, branches and representative offices;

– an analysis of tenure, shares, securities and other assets;

– examine the economic activities of the company abroad and its legal status;

– check availability debts, administrative and criminal cases;

– check the state of affairs in the financial, accounting, tax reporting documents;

The result of this work will be a detailed report. It will reflect the business processes in the company. a list will be presented to all risks, recommendations for their elimination. This document will ensure that only reliable information on the effectiveness of, the success and reliability of the company.

Our specialists have the necessary level of knowledge and skills, to perform the service for different purposes and in different volumes. They not only study and provide a full report on the financial, economic, investment activities of the company as a whole, but also carefully analyze the specific direction within the company and will make to the overall conclusion of the list of documents, confirming the accuracy of the information collected.