Open a bank account in Kenya

Open a bank account in Kenya

Kenya booming African economy, actively developing attractiveness for doing business and rapidly increasing the investment climate.

Business in Kenya has its own specifics, related to the mentality of local residents. Kenya's economy is one of the largest in the African region.

BWMS has its own contacts in government agencies and credit institutions in Kenya.

This will save you time and money when doing business in Kenya.. BWMS will provide bank compliance and guaranteed bank account opening in Kenya.

Below is the basic cost of opening a Kenyan bank account.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 70 000 rubles

The cost of opening a bank account in Kenya does not include additional BWMS services, such as opening a company in the Republic of Kenya, tax optimization, representation in tax, judicial and government bodies., obtaining licenses for certain types of activities.

Opening a bank account in Kenya from 70 000 rubles

Assistance in opening a bank account for non-residents – 600 EUR.

Opening a bank account for an attorney under a trust management agreement (Trust) 8,000 EUR.

We promote, how to obtain licenses, allowing to operate in FEZ, and licenses to conduct investment activities and a trading bureau (Forex). Trading bureau license requires making a reservation deposit 60,000 USD. Payment for our services will be 12,000 EUR. The process takes up to four months.

Consideration of an application for obtaining an investor certificate takes up to a month. The amount of the deposit-reservation is 100,000 USD. An alternative way is to provide confirmation of the intention to invest the above amount, or confirmation of purchases, aimed at providing activities in Kenya for a given amount.

Depending on the type of activity, investor status allows you to completely free yourself from the tax burden for up to ten years. In this case, the license is issued for a year.

Depending on the task, we can form a structure or network of structures to ensure the smooth operation of the client with the provision of all related services in Kenya. Our company has a personal presence in Central / East Africa, and we plan to develop various areas of activity in this region.