Open a bank account in Ireland

Open a bank account in Ireland

Irish banks have established themselves as the best lenders for business. Stable political and economic situation in the jurisdiction ensures the stability of the banking system, and hence the safety of funds on accounts.

In Ireland, the headquarters of the world's largest IT-corporations, under the jurisdiction of a very favorable investment-climate, and the banking system is stable and advanced digital technology.

In Ireland especially friendly business climate.

Below is the basic cost of opening a bank account in one of the banks in Ireland.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 180 000 rubles

cost of, the above, It is minimal and does not provide for additional services: travel specialist in the bank, registration of a legal entity in Ireland, obtain special licenses to conduct certain activities, legal advice and consultations on tax optimization. BWMS provides these and other services at an additional cost.

Opening a bank account for your company and current director.

Ireland, now it goes to the leading position of business-oriented EU ranking. Due to the complete change of the political agenda of Great Britain, we are seeing a mass migration of capital to Ireland. This trend, understanding of the financial services market and political interests in the EU, It allows us to speak, Ireland has become one of the most favorable environments for business lines, involves active transaction activity.

In order to achieve a positive result - the successful and rapid opening a bank account for your company, you must perform a number of conditions, namely:

  1. Go to company's service to our secretary;
  2. Detailed study of the content of the operating model of your business («Substance» for the bank);
  3. Full-time (or by Skype) training director for the interview at the bank.

The amount of services: EUR 2000

Open bank account in Ireland by 180 000 rubles

Open a bank account in Ireland is possible for individuals or corporations for 1 working day. The list of documents required to open at different depending on the bank..

MOST POPULAR Bank of Ireland

ACC Bank - a high level of confidentiality, therefore the term for opening a bank account can reach 3 months. It provides services for the local population and businesses.

AIB Group - provides for the opening of all types accounts for residents. Among Irish Bank is popular because of low interest rates on mortgage and personal lending. AIB Group provides remote management services bank account through internet banking.

Bank of Ireland - differ almost equal conditions for residents and non-residents. The Bank is popular among foreigners, decided to move to Ireland, thanks to the loyal relation to clients.

Banking 365 Online - it is a full-fledged financial institution, serving customers exclusively via the Internet. The main direction of development of the bank - the introduction of innovative Internet banking technology. The remote management of the bank is popular with locals, often leaving Ireland and foreigners.

Ulster Bank - caters exclusively Irish citizens and corporations, registered in the country. Banks differ loyalty to customers and an increased level of security and confidentiality of data storage.