Open a bank account in the UK

Open a bank account in the UK

Britain is one of the world's financial and economic centers. The stable economic and political situation in the UK ensures the safety of funds in the account.

UK law protects assets and business, considered one of the best in the world.

Bank account in UK bank provides a high level of credibility in the eyes of any counterparty.

Another important feature of open accounts in British banks are the confidentiality of personal data account holder.

BWMS experts have friendly relations with officers of many UK banks. This allows you to pre-agree on the documents to open an account in the UK banks, avoid failures and time delays, lengthy approvals and additional documents.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 55 000 rubles

The above cost does not include additional services, such as travel specialist, the circumstances of the removal, preventing the opening of bank accounts and other UK. If necessary, experts BWMS register a legal person in the UK, provide for a license to engage in certain activities, conduct examination, made by representatives of the customer, advise on tax optimization.

Opening accounts in UK banks from 55 000 rubles

The legislation allows the United Kingdom to open an account as a resident, and non-residents. Russians obtained an advantage to conduct banking transactions with financial institutions, which do not interact with Russian banks.


British financial institutions are characterized by a lack of stringent requirements to the minimum balance and the maximum one-time withdrawal of funds. There are two types of bank accounts for daily money management:

Current Account (Personal) – It is intended only for personal use. It is used for payroll, transfers from other accounts of British banks, make purchases, paying utility bills, etc.. Each bank offers individual conditions depending on the customer's financial stability and the establishment of policies.

Basicbankaccount (main)Designed primarily for the storage of money is no limitation on withdrawals - 200 £ / day. By this account can not be connected credit or checkbook. Its useful to note, that with this type of account, you can withdraw money only from ATMs.

Virtually all financial institutions in England provide Internet banking services. Through the Internet, you can not only manage their own accounts, but also to order a plastic payment card, and open / close the bank accounts.

Documents required to open a bank account in the UK

Individuals provide the following documents:

– identification documents (passport, etc..);

– An income statement;

– A completed application form bank;

– Identification code;

– Receipt of payment of utility services (for a period not exceeding three months).

A legal person shall submit the documents on the activities and earnings:

– Company registration document;

– Memorandum of association;

– Confirmation of the actual status of the company;

– Description of the company

– Document, which confirms the status of the company at the moment;

– Description of the company.

UK banks

  1. HSBC Holdings - one of the largest British banks. low rates, high level of service and the lack of strict requirements was the development of the popularity of financial organizations around the world, that the result was the growth of the customer base to 50 million people. The Bank offers to open corporate, personal, savings and other accounts.
  2. Barclays PLC - considered the oldest bank of England. Performs financial activities in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. It serves mainly non-residents to open corporate accounts.
  3. Royal Bank of Scotland Group - offers to open corporate accounts of residents and nonresidents at low rates. Is the leading UK financial institutions. The Bank's services include Internet banking and the issuance of corporate cards.
  4. Lloyds Banking Group - the absence of stringent requirements for opening bank accounts by non-residents in the UK was the growth in popularity among foreigners. After the crisis was transferred to the state board.

Standard Chartered PLC - activities are based mainly on the international capital. The high level of secrecy and lack of stringent conditions for registration allowed the bank to successfully engage in worldwide financial activities.