Open a bank account in the United States

Open a bank account in the United States

An American bank account allows you to conduct relationships with US companies and develop business in the richest market in the world.

Bank account, opened in a bank in the United States of America - a strong argument in favor of business reliability.

American banks usually have high requirements for potential clients. Not owning the experience and nuances of interaction with American banks, there are serious problems with opening a US bank account.

BWMS has extensive experience in dealing with American banks and doing business in the United States..

BWMS specialists will advise on proper behavior and protect against inappropriate actions.

Of particular note, that BWMS has close contacts with officers of most American banks, which allows you to confidently pass compliance.

Below is the basic cost of services to ensure the opening of a US bank account.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 140 000 rubles

The indicated cost does not include additional services, such as a visit of a specialist to the bank, legal or advice on tax optimization, business registration with tax and other authorities, representation of the client in state and other authorities. BWMS reserves the right to recommend other services in order to ensure the main goal of the client or business sustainability.

Opening a US bank account from 140 000 rubles

An account can be opened for a citizen of any state, usually you need a personal visit to the bank. Requirements and conditions of service vary greatly depending on the bank.

Accounts for companies.

The bank must provide the following documents and information:

– registration certificate and, if there's, EIN of the firm;

– copies of passports for account managers - with apostille;

– IRS special form letter;

– contact details - email address, telephone.

Also, the bank may request other documents and information..

Bridges Wealth Management Solution provides bank account opening with most US banks.