Open a bank account in Singapore

Open a bank account in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world's major financial centers, account in a bank in Singapore opens up the possibility of doing business anywhere in the world.

Singapore banks are very demanding customers, not knowing the pitfalls, almost impossible to open a bank account in a Singapore bank.

BWMS experts have close ties with Singapore banks, whereby BWMS ensures the passage of bank account opening and Compliance.

When the need arises BWMS register legal entities in Singapore, will provide services of nominee service.

Below is the basic cost of opening an account in a Singapore bank.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 380 000 rubles

This amount does not take into account additional services, that can be provided at an additional cost. BWMS experts will carry out the necessary consultations on tax optimization, will give a legal assessment of the client's business model, will assist in obtaining a special license for the right to engage in certain activities, will provide other services.

Open an account in Singapore, Opening an account with Bank of Singapore 380 000 rubles

The company Bridges Wealth Management Solutions assists in the opening of corporate accounts in the top banks in Singapore.

Among the businessmen the most popular following types of accounts:

Current (current account) - regular checking account, which produced a checkbook and a debit card.

Depositary (fixed deposit) - contributions with interest without issuing a checkbook.

Current with interest (savings account), combines the advantages of the previous types.

Bank corporate account, opened in Singapore, popular among entities for various reasons.

Preservation of the guaranteed the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation. Deposit insurance is compulsory. The amount of compensation to 50 000 SGD (Singapore dollars).