Open a bank account in Poland

Open a bank account in Poland

A bank account in one of the Polish banks makes it possible to do business with the European Union, The United States and other regions.

In this case, a high probability of failure of Polish banks to open a bank account due to lack of understanding of legal nuances when submitting documents to open an account in a Polish bank.

BWMS recommends not exclude the expert participated in the opening of bank accounts in Poland. This will significantly save terms of opening and eliminate the possibility of failure.

Depending on the specifics of the business suit those or other banks in Poland, those or other banking services. BWMS advise, which bank to open an account in Poland is best.

Separately, it is worth noting, BWMS that has close ties with Polish banks, thus avoiding incidents at the opening of accounts in Polish banks.

Account in Polish bank guarantees the safety of funds in view of the stability and growth of the Polish economy - one of the leading economies in the European Union.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 90 000 rubles

This cost does not include related services. The need to provide nominee service, registration of legal entities in Poland, opening other accounts in Polish banks, Tax optimization in Poland, opening of representative offices in Poland, obtaining licenses for certain activities in Poland, leaving experts to Poland - is available at an additional cost.

In some cases BWMS reserves the right to recommend additional services 100% the client achieve the desired goals, eliminating any uncertainty.

Corporate bank account Millenium Bank in Poland by the company Bridges Wealth Management Solutions for 90 000 rubles

Services of opening a corporate bank account:

Millenium Bank (Poland)

– Forming a complete set of constituent documents for opening an account at the bank's standards

– The sight of the necessary documents in the bank

– Courier services

Banking Commission and the translation services are paid separately.

Please draw your attention, that the opening of an account is only possible in the absence of a nominal service. We shall consider any jurisdiction.

Terms of opening a bank account

– Account details – only after activation

– Activation Bank-Client for 3 day

– Paroli and Digipass – on the day of the meeting with the representative of the bank

– Terms of consideration of documents: from 2-3 weeks

The procedure for ordering services

– Payment for the service on the website or in person at the office of Bridges Wealth Management Solutions

– The agreement on the time of the visit to the bank

– Making the document in the bank

Millenium Bank (Poland)

Millenium Bank – one of the largest banks in Poland, otlchnuyu has international reputation and a plurality of compartments. Millenium Bank customers are around 1,5 million individual and more 13 000 corporate clients.

Millenium Bank has been operating since 1989 , and it was created as a Bank Inicjatyw Gospodarczych BIG SA. After associations strip, mergers and acquisitions, from 2003 , the financial institution operates under the familiar name today – Bank Millenium.

The Bank offers its services through a network of branches, online, telephone and mobile banking for private clients (in the Retail segment, Prestige и Private Banking), for individual traders and micro, as well as for medium and large companies in the segment of corporate banking services.