Open a bank account in Norway

Open a bank account in Norway

A bank account in one of the Bank of Norway opens up the possibility of doing business with EU countries, Soedinennmyh States of America and other regions.

Business countries contribute economic and political environment. The banking system of Norway loyal to foreign citizens and businesses.

Norverskogo subtle knowledge of law and good contacts with the officers norverzhskih banks allow experts BWMS confidently held bank compliance and guaranteed to open an account in the Bank of Norway.

Below is the account opening in the base cost of the Norges Bank.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 85 000 rubles

the cost of the above does not take into account additional services. BWMS advise if necessary Legal Officer, tax optimization, register legal entities in Norway, will act as the client's representatives, contractors or government agencies, advise on management of property in Norway.

A bank account in Norway from 85 000 rubles

Norway seeks to get rid of cash payments, and the Norwegian krone is very stable. These and other factors provide the desire of foreigners to open an account in the Bank of Norway.

To open a bank account, need:

– Identification.

– Documents, confirming credit history (eg, a letter from the bank, already serves customers).

– Students will need a certificate from the university.

– Taxpayer Identification Number.

The company will need to submit additional:

– The identification numbers of participants or shareholders (notarized copies).

– Registration certificate, and for a foreign company to work permit in Norway.

Norges Bank

The Norwegian Bank - one of the largest in Scandinavia. It provides a wide range of banking services to the local population (mostly) and foreign nationals.

focus Bank - a subsidiary bank Danish bank Danske A / S. It does not have its branches, provides services in offices Denske A / S. Popular with non-residents for privacy and loyalty.

Kvinnherrad Sparebank - one of the largest retail and commercial bank in Norway.

Storebrand - principally serves the local population. Strict requirements to non-residents.