Open a bank account in Lithuania

Open a bank account in Lithuania

The opening of the Lithuanian bank bank account - one of the core services BWMS. The company has close relations with the officers of the Lithuanian banks, providing operational training and the examination of documents and the decision to open an account.

Lithuanian banks are loyal to the citizens of Russia and work with Russian banks, including making payments in rubles.

Cooperation with BWMS will significantly reduce the time of opening an account in the Bank of Lithuania, and avoid failure in opening a bank account in the Bank of Lithuania.

Open an account at the Bank of Lithuania on the possible company, registered in most jurisdictions, excluding the Russian Federation, therefore, in the absence of such, we suggest contacting the BWMS the registration of companies in the relevant jurisdictions.

Below you will find the approximate cost of opening a bank account in Lithuania. When BWMS is necessary to ensure the provision of related services, advise on taxes, or warn of the likelihood of problematic situations.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 75 000 rubles

This cost does not include the nominee service and other services. BWMS can provide a wide range of services when you open an account in the Bank of Lithuania. Ideally, if BWMS specialists will perform all necessary services - this will ensure coherence, but, so, eliminate possible inconsistencies and lack of understanding between actors, aimed at registration and maintenance of business processes in the Lithuanian jurisdiction.

When BWMS is necessary to ensure the opening of accounts in several banks in Lithuania, register any number of companies for the construction of the corporate structure for business diversification and optimization of business taxation.

Corporate bank account in the Medicinos Bankas in Lithuania State

Medical Bank JSC – Lithuanian commercial bank, provides financial services to businesses and individuals with 1992 of the year. It has a wide network of customer service outlets throughout Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Shyaulyai, Panevezys, Mariyampole, Alytus, Utena, Telshaysky and Utenyaysky County. In the first nine months 2016 the bank's profit was 827 000 000 EUR.

By the Bank's competitive advantages include quality and timely customer service, and a quick reaction to changes, taking place in the financial market. Medicinos Bankas strives to be a leader in the service of small and medium-sized businesses, Bank customers are served by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (for calls from Lithuania and abroad), in call-center bank speak Russian, the official bank site is also available in Russian.

Medical Bank – one of the first banks in Lithuania, which began offering its customers Internet banking services and mobile service (from 2006 of the year).

Documents for opening:

– Certificate or a certificate of registration

– Charter or position

– Documents, certifying authority signature of a person authorized to (protocol, order, Resolution, etc.)

– passports of persons, with the signatory right

– Resume

– Documents, confirming the source of funds

The presence of a bank: personal visit is required

Terms of opening a bank account

– Account details – only after activation

– Activation Bank-Client for 3 day

– Paroli and Digipass – on the day of the meeting with the representative of the bank

– Terms of consideration of documents: from 2 months