Open a bank account in Hong Kong

Open a bank account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a unique business jurisdiction. Here are the offices of all the largest corporations in the world. Having a checking account with a Hong Kong bank, you can do business all over the world, in particular work with Chinese companies.

Hong Kong banks have strict requirements for account opening. In some cases, banks refuse to register, guided by unspoken rules, which are not read in open or closed sources.

The reason for the refusal is often not clear., the bank just refers to “bank rules”, without specifying.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the business of its clients, BWMS has established good relations with the officers of the largest banks in Hong Kong., to agree on documents in advance and to be guaranteed to pass the bank's compliance.

Low risk appetite of Hong Kong banks precludes opening an account in Hong Kong banks for citizens of the Russian Federation. In such cases, a nominee service should be used..

BWMS provides a wide range of services in Hong Kong, including ensures guaranteed opening of an account with a bank in Hong Kong. BWMS also advises on the correct use of a bank account., avoid unilaterally closing the bank.

Below is the basic cost of opening a Hong Kong bank account.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 270 000 rubles

Hong Kong bank account opening cost, the above, is basic and does not provide related services: company registration in Hong Kong, advice on tax optimization, legal consulting and other. BWMS provides these and other services at a separate cost..

Opening a bank account for your company and current director

Hong Kong, undoubtedly one of the most respectable jurisdictions not only in Asia, but also the world. He is a financial conglomerate, providing huge amounts of money. Unlike other jurisdictions, where transactional market policies prevail, Hong Kong is the most convenient, due to lack of financial control, huge amount of cash flows and trust in the world of finance.

Despite the difficulties, related to negative attitudes towards money from Russia, in view of the current political agenda in the world, our company offers a comprehensive solution to problems, related.

In order to achieve a positive result - the successful and rapid opening a bank account for your company, you must perform a number of conditions, namely:

  1. Go to company's service to our secretary;
  2. Detailed study of the content of the operating model of your business («Substance» for the bank);
  3. Full-time (or by Skype) training director for the interview at the bank.

The amount of services: EUR 3500

Terms for opening a company bank account are from 4-8 weeks. If strict compliance with our algorithm and effective interaction with the customer, we can guarantee not only the successful opening of a bank account, but also long-term and smooth its operation.

Open a Hong Kong bank account from 270 000 rubles

Bridges Wealth Management Solutions Specialists (BWMS) will provide an urgent opening of a corporate account in one of the top banks in Hong Kong. BWMS experts will collect a set of properly executed documents for opening an account, coordinate them with bank employees, provide support for the procedure at all stages until the first operation on the account.

To open an account you will need a visit to the Moscow office of BWMS, documents on the list, which will be sent by the BWMS manager, and visit to hong kong bank.

BWMS advises on further engagement with the bank and doing business in Hong Kong jurisdiction.

Hong Kong Banks

For non-residents of Hong Kong, current accounts are opened 4 bank, among which:

Bank of China International Limited

An individual or legal entity can open an investment account or deposit. Residents of the Russian Federation are considered risky, it is necessary to document the possibility of payment $3 000 000 as a down payment.

OCBC Wing Hang Bank

Providing full information about the beneficiary, you can open an account for a legal entity of any jurisdiction. Requires a visit from all directors and individuals, whose share in the company is not less 10%.

Incognito Bank 001

The bank does not require disclosure of information about transactions and owners, opens accounts for companies of any jurisdiction, Leading business in China or Southeast Asia.


Most popular bank, where non-residents of Hong Kong prefer to open corporate accounts. Accounts are opened in any currency, there are no requirements for the account balance, depending on the selected account, the size of the average monthly balance varies. The first installment is $1 500.