Open a bank account in Gambia

Open a bank account in Gambia

Gambia African country, running at the rate of economic growth, attract business investment and growth.

The main feature of jurisdiction is the loyalty of banks to the money from Russia and the CIS countries.

Opening an account in a bank allows the Gambia act as a buffer between the business units in the status jurisdictions and Russia.

Besides, bank account in Gambia opens up the possibility of doing business in a jurisdiction, wherein the market is in the stage of rapid growth, and therefore, open a variety of possibilities for the development of promising niches unoccupied.

Russian entrepreneurs actively entering the market Gambia.

Below is the minimum base cost of opening an account in the bank of the Gambia.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 55 000 rubles

The present value does not include additional services BWMS, such as legal advice, advice on tax optimization, Registration of companies in Gambia, opening accounts in other banks of the Gambia, establishment of companies in other jurisdictions, obtaining licenses to engage in certain activities.

Opening an account in the company, registered in Gambia

Specialists Bridges Wealth Management Solutions have proven contacts among the officers of the banks of the Gambia, that allows you to not only coordinate in advance the documents for opening a bank account, but also to avoid any misunderstandings when using account, and arose - to quickly resolve the best way.

Gambia banks

Bank for Housing & Construction

Central Bank of Gambia

Continent Bank Ltd

Gambia Commercial & Development Bank

International Bank for Commerce & Industry

Meridien Bank Gambia Ltd

Meridien BIAO Bank Gambia Limited

Standard Chartered Bank Gambia Limited