Open a bank account in the Czech Republic

Open a bank account in the Czech Republic

Czech has steadily growing economy, which has a positive effect on the stability of the banking system and the safety of the funds in the Czech bank accounts.

BWMS has close contacts with officers of different banks in the Czech Republic, which opens up the possibility of preparing good quality documents, who accepted 100% cases and it always takes a positive decision on the opening of bank accounts in Czech.

Czech banks have different requirements for customers, In addition it is important to understand the legal intricacies of the Czech Republic.

Alas, having no experience in the opening of bank accounts in the Czech Republic, difficult to open a bank account.

Also, it should be recognized, that not having contacts among the officers of the bank of the Czech Republic is almost impossible to open a bank account on the first try.

BWMS experts provide monthly accounts opening in one of the banks in the Czech Republic.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 90 000 rubles

The above cost of opening a bank account in the Czech Republic is not final, because it depends on the client's wishes and the specifics of its business. If necessary BWMS experts will provide additional services, eg, Registration of companies in Czech Republic, nominee service, tax optimization, a license to conduct certain types of activities.

BWMS will provide legal support for transactions in the Czech jurisdiction, establish cooperation with the supervisory authorities of the Czech Republic, will act as the client's representative.

Open an account at the bank of the Czech Republic 90 000 rubles

Bridges Wealth Management Solution will provide an opportunity to make transactions on the account one week after order.


– Bank selection,

– document preparation,

– dialogue with representatives of the bank,

– receive VISA and MasterCard for the bills.

Average, account opening procedure takes:

– on Czech companies - 1 day;

– to non-resident companies - 2 of the week.

Documents for opening an account:

– constitutive documents of the company, certified Apostille,

– Power of Attorney under Apostille and Declaration of Trust (if using the nominee service),

– a copy of the signatory's passport (and internal, and a foreign passport). If the signatory is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, additionally you need to provide proof of address (Utility bill)

– a copy of the beneficiary's passport (and internal, and a foreign passport),

– Help at nesudymosty,

– Contacts.

The advantages of the Czech banks:

– Low fares compared with European banks.

– Open an account can no recommendations from other banks.

– In some banks have a multilingual staff.

– Highly developed Internet banking.

– Open an account can be in any currency.

– If the bank is closed, State agrees to compensate the amount of up to 400 000 KRONE (provided, that the contribution is made in CZK).

Top banks to open an account in the Czech Republic

Czech savings Bank

The largest and oldest bank in the country - even in the open 1825 year. AT 2000 year entered into one of the largest banking groups in Europe (Erste Group) and consolidated its leading position in the country and region. The customer base of the bank for more than five million individuals and entities from around the world.

In Russia and other countries have more than 650 филиалов Czech Savings Bank, so you can count on his support anywhere.


Czech Republic is the largest international bank. Headquartered in Austria. The Bank opened in 1886 year. AT 2008 It was merged with eBanka in the Czech Republic, a.s. An international group is 14 banks, including in Russia and Ukraine. About the size of assets 14 billion. euro (data on 2018 year).

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.

It is also a major international bank, belonging to the Italian UNICREDIT S.p.A.. It consists of 27 Banks in Europe, 8 - in Asia, furthermore open banks in the UAE and the US. In the Czech Republic opened 99 offices. asset size of about 32 billion Euros (data on 2018 year).