Open a bank account in Malta

Open a bank account in Malta

Open a bank account in Malta as soon as possible, because the Naga professionals have extensive experience in this area in Malta.

Prices for our services:

  • Open a bank account from 180 000 rubles

This cost of opening a bank account in Malta, calculated on the basis of BWMS cost of this procedure without the services of nominee service. Also, if necessary, use the services of a director or nominee directors to open an account in Malta, you need to send a request to our company. In the case of opening a bank account in Malta with nominee service services, value can be adjusted in the direction of increasing, by prior agreement with the client. Also, if necessary, departure BWMS representative in Malta, to assist in opening a bank account on the site, for travel costs, accommodation and overhead costs paid by the client, by prior agreement. BWMS opens accounts in Malta in a number of friendly credit institutions, list of banks you can learn from our managers.

Open a bank account in Malta from 180 000 rubles

The Republic of Malta is part of the European Union, therefore applies EU-wide rules for opening bank accounts of non-residents.

To open an account will require a Maltese company:

– Registration certificate.

– An income statement.;

– Documents founders..

– Documents of the authorized account management.

– Statement from the bank, where open (was opened) score.

– Other documents requested by the bank.

BENEFITS bank accounts in Maltese BANK

– Opening to a non-resident.

– The lack of strict requirements for the account owner.

– Banking sector stability.

– A wide range of banking services.

– Agreements with many countries to avoid double taxation.

– Service in English.

– Free access to the EU market.


APS Bank - one of the oldest banks in Malta. Characterized by loyalty and low tariffs.

Bank of Valletta - cheapest rates and high interest rates on deposit.

BANIF Bank - using innovations in banking, a high level of service, works including with international companies.

Lombard Bank - gives out loans to startups, It provides a wide range of services.

Sparkasse Bank Malta - thanks to the stability of a reputable bank, possible to open an account with flexible terms.