Our advantages

Successful business requires additional development tools.

There is intended to enter into foreign markets, Diversified business units, optimize taxation, secure storage of any risks.

For these purposes, BWMS has experts, providing business processes abroad, experts in banking, auditors, attorneys in the field of general (case) rights, attorneys in different jurisdictions.

Your direct benefits from the cooperation with Bridges WMS

BWMS provides international business support areas:

• Formation of trusts and management;
• registration of legal entities in different jurisdictions and management;
• Opening of bank accounts in various jurisdictions;
• receive payment system license;
• a banking license;
• Management of assets abroad;
• development of measures in the field of anti-money laundering;
• due diligence;
• Compliance Audit;
• consultation in the field of corporate law;
• Software and foreign currency transactions;
• support of international transactions.

Work without intermediaries – guarantee of reliability and quality of services BWMS

About 80% sellers services in the market - brokers, which can present a professional services, but do not have any control instruments performers (and often themselves the victims of empty promises). In this approach a 100% there are problems, and the blame for the failure is passed on to contractors, about which there was no question at the conclusion of the transaction. Such agency companies enter into an agreement with a customer in one jurisdiction, receive payment for the service in the second, and the very services are offered through their counterparts in third. Such an approach is determined by the desire to reduce costs and expand the "funnel" for customers. Unfortunately, to the security of client assets it is irrelevant. In the event of any nature of the risks the client is left alone with his problem, because no one, in fact, He does not understand the conditions, which it was organized and presented service.

Preservation of Finance

In jurisdictions Hong Kong and Singapore business has priority over the other areas. After company registration properly and opening an account at the bank and regulatory authorities, usually, there are no questions to existing activities. Our control, we control for the 100%. Also, we control the process at all stages, We have a detailed understanding of the legal and ethical implications of, we understand the rights and obligations of the parties and are able to support organic and consistency of the customer's business, what is important.

Well-formed trust - a reliable financial instrument

Nowadays it is not enough just to register a company in the offshore. Nor is it enough to open an account in a good bank with a reputation in the offshore. It is necessary to properly and lawfully transfer company with an account in the management. That is the purpose of the transfer of the financial instrument (business + open account) formed Trust. Trust is not only legitimate and safe way to get control of a financial instrument, but also, in fact, only.

many proposals sale of shelf companies can be found on the market with and without accounts, in Hong Kong or Singapore, as well as in a number of other jurisdictions. It is important to understand, that time does not stand still. Now, buying a company in Hong Kong, very hard, and sometimes it is impossible to independently open the account in a good bank. Ordering services “nominee service” or “nominee Director”, also buying a company with “nominee Director” you need to soberly assess the current situation and be aware of the fact, that it may be a useless purchase, as “nominal” will not be able to open accounts and sign any document.

Our company keeps pace with the times and therefore we know, in fact the case in the financial sector popular jurisdictions. cost of nashih services and products It meets highest quality and reliability requirements, security and, the most important thing, give to our client the, what do you need - financial instrument, which is working.