Registration of the company in the UK

Registration of the company in the UK

Advantages of the British Isles:

– stability of currency, economy and, Consequently, your business.

– Respect for international partners, buyers and lenders.

– The possibility of opening accounts in the largest banks in Europe.

– Serious tax breaks.

– Registration and management can be performed remotely.

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service from 75 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service from 110 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 280 000 rubles

Registration of the company in the UK from 75 000 rubles

The UK is considered authoritative and stable jurisdiction for Business, including foreign entrepreneurs.

This is not a classic offshore. Register a company in the UK primarily for safety reasons, the assets and the authority of the jurisdiction. The greatest advantages of the company is to work with Europe and the US.

Information on the jurisdiction

Great Britain - an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a constitutional monarchy with an imperial colonialist past, which still has reverberations in the form of the Commonwealth - the union of the former colonies. At the head of state is the monarch (currently Queen Elizabeth II), who holds in his hands all power branches. Even the legislative Parliament, consisting of the House of Lords and House of Commons, all acts adopted by the Queen sent for approval.

The economy is the third largest in Europe and the sixth - in the world. Currency: GBP (GBP). Third reserve currency in the world (after the dollar and euro).

The activities and the opening of foreign companies are regulated by "the Companies Act" (Companies Act). The latter is also valid in Northern Ireland.

Conditions of registration of companies in the UK

In the UK, foreign companies are three forms of ownership - LP, LLP и Ltd.

LP — Limited Partnership

LP - the most common form of business ownership, which is conducted outside of the country. Most often, LP established by two offshore companies. In this case, the British firm itself becomes offshore, that is, she is released from the delivery of the majority of reports (only required the tax return) and the payment of taxes in the UK.

For the establishment of LP requires a minimum of two partners - natural or legal persons from other countries. One of them became general, that is, manages the company and bears unlimited liability for its debts and obligations. Responsibility of other partners is limited by their shares., they do not take part in management.

LLP — Limited Liability Partnership

Limited partnership. Responsibility of partners depends on the size of their shares in the business. From Ltd. This form of ownership is characterized by high organizational flexibility and some nuances of taxation..

LLP must have at least two nominated members (Designated Members). If you change their composition after registration, you must notify the Registration Chamber. No requirements for authorized capital.

Register LLP two ways:

Online. Many agents have their own electronic programs for filing registration documents.. This method is used by our agents..

Paper documents. Processing time - up to five days.

Registration documents

To register an LLP in the UK, required to prepare the following information and documents:


Legal address (provided by agents).

Information about all partners.

Documents are sent to the Registration Chamber, which in response, if all requirements are met, sends a certificate of registration.

Ltd. — Private Limited Company

Ltd. Is a classic private company with responsibility, stock limited (minimum number of shares - 1 thing). Such a company may be opened by one or more individuals or legal entities-residents of any state.

One of the directors of the company must be an individual with any citizenship. The minimum number of directors is not limited.

The company must have at least one shareholder, resident individual or legal entity. Annual meetings are optional.