Register Company in Singapore

Register Company in Singapore

Register Company in Singapore – BWMS service, provided without the help of intermediaries and third parties. BWMS has its own representatives in the region, which allows you to exclude intermediaries when registering companies.

By contacting BWMS to register a company in Singapore, you will be given a choice of existing options and registration algorithms.

You can open a company in Singapore “turnkey”, including opening a bank account, or not. Depending on the tasks, clients, we will find the optimal solution.

Below is the cost of registering a company in Singapore using the simplest algorithm (without opening a bank account), for more information, please contact our specialists by phone or email.

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service 270 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service from 350 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 700 000 rubles

When ordering services for registration of a company in Singapore, the client will need to agree in advance with our specialists on the type of activity of the future company. Before paying for BWMS services for registering a company, the client will need to fill out a special form (questionnaire), developed by our employees to simplify the preliminary approval stage.

The above cost does not include BWMS fees for opening a bank account in Singapore. Opening a bank account in Singapore, or another country, agreed with BWMS and paid separately. You can find out details by phone or e-mail, by sending a request through the form on the website or to the address:

Offshore in Singapore open for 270 000 rubles

Registration of offshore companies in Singapore

Singapore is one of the largest trade and financial centers in Southeast Asia, в ряду с Южной Кореей, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

The jurisdiction is classified as offshore and provides solid tax conditions for companies, however, it is considered a fairly reputable jurisdiction and is not included in any blacklists.

Singapore's legal system inherited from the United Kingdom, for Singapore is from the former British colonies.

Benefits of registering offshore companies in Singapore

As in Hong Kong, taxes are calculated on the basis of territory: if the company makes management decisions and makes a profit outside of Singapore, then profits are not taxed.

Singapore is one of the most favorable areas for trade: here and developed transport, and the largest banks in Asia, and a simplified system of import-export of goods, and even there are agreements with the Russian Federation to avoid double taxation.

Singapore has been in the first lines of various ratings of freedom and ease of doing business for many years.

The procedure for electronic registration of a company takes 2-3 working days. Delivery of documents requires 2-3 of the week. Personal presence of the owner is not required.

Organizational and legal form of registered companies in Singapore

Singapore companies differentiated by responsibility: limited or unlimited. Foreign business prefers the form of a private limited company. The company's liability for obligations is limited to the aggregate value of shares, shareholder responsibility - the value of the shares owned by him.