Registration of the company in Norway

Registration of the company in Norway

Differences in jurisdiction:

– Confidence in the preservation of capital.

– Willingness of contractors to work with a Norwegian company.

– Just register a company.

– Flexible tax optimization system.

– Protection of personal information.

– Possibility of nominee service.

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service from 155 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service from 315 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 390 000 rubles

Registration of company in Norway from 155 000 rubles

Norway is attractive in terms of investing and doing business due to its European affiliation, high international authority of jurisdiction and stability of political and economic systems.

Company registration procedure in Norway

To register a company are necessary:

– Owner Information.

– Name as required.

The following legal forms should be considered in Norway:

– Limited liability company. Minimum Authorized Capital 30 thousand. Norwegian crown, just one member and director is enough.

– Public corporation. Here the registered capital is already at least one million Norwegian kroner. Anyone can buy shares in such a company..

– Participants Limited Partnership.

Norway is not an offshore zone, registering a company here, have to pay taxes. However, tax burden can be significantly optimized. Bridges Wealth Management Solutions tax consultants provide support if needed.

Tax rates in Norway:

Basic 28%.

NDS 25%.

On dividends 15% - in some cases can be reduced.