Company registration in Lithuania

Company registration in Lithuania

BWMS opening services companies in Lithuania are on favorable terms thanks to the work without intermediaries. Organization of the new company or reorganization actions were carried out on the most optimal algorithm, worked out by our experts during the many years of practice.

Contacting BWMS you can get service of the highest level, guarantees and better offer for the organization of business in Lithuania.

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service 95 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service 125 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 240 000 rubles

This cost of services for registration of a company in Lithuania includes BWMS costs of preparing the necessary documents and feeding them to the competent authorities. If necessary, the cost of registration of the company may be increased by prior agreement with the client.

Please inquire for further advice by phone and e-mail.

Company registration in Lithuania from 95 000 rubles

The Republic of Lithuania offers attractive conditions for opening and maintaining business, The tax system is optimized for the position of the European Union.

Benefits of registration of the company in Lithuania:

– The absence of customs barriers to trade (within the EU)

– The absence of double taxation

– Low-interest loan, provided by banks

– Loyalty to foreign investors

– The possibility of applying for business support to the European Community

– The possibility of obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania

Recommendations for opening (purchase) companies in Lithuania:

Companies in Lithuania are usually recorded with a view to their use for commercial activities (in procurement in the EU), as holding companies (for the construction of the holding structures in the payment of dividends, interest and royalties and the CIS), and permit to obtain in Lithuania.

Taxes on business in Lithuania

The main advantages of registration or purchase company in this jurisdiction are favorable credit conditions and loyalty in taxation (rates below, than in other EU countries). Due to the flexible policy of cooperation with foreign investors, constructed by the state, they have the ability to full development. Business processes are transparent and understandable, levy - shtadyashtie. Between Russia and Lithuania signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation.

Types of taxes in Lithuania:

– NDS. It has 3 types of bets: basic - 21%, at a reduced rate - 9%, Products for people with disabilities - 5%

– Tax on profits 15%. Possible reduction of income tax to 5% provided, that the turnover of the company less 300 000 EUR, and the number of employees no longer 10 person.

– Contributions for insurance (medical and social) – 40%.

– Income tax is 15%, but may be reduced in accordance with the specific requirements on 10%.

– Taxation of dividends - 15%.

Conditions of registration of offshore companies in Lithuania

Legislation of the Republic of Lithuania provides for the right to choose one of the legal forms, each of which has its own features.

– SP - sole proprietorship or IE - Individual enterprise. A clear framework for capital absent, the minimum amount is not limited. The responsibility rests solely with the owner, who is the owner of the business.

– CJSC - Closed Joint Stock Company or UAB - Private limited liability company. Frames on the shareholders are set by the state - up to 250 person, capital - at least 2 900 EUR. The management structure consists of the managing board of directors, decisions are made jointly.

– Small company or MB - Small partnership. The authorized capital is in the hands of owners, number may be from 1 to 10 person. leaders, assigned to the company charter, make decisions and determine the path of development. Additional requirements and restrictions of the state does not impose.

– OAO - Open Joint Stock Company or AB - Akcine Bendrove. This form of ownership has the authority to issue securities on the Lithuanian market. Management of the company carries out founder, residents can be both legal, and individuals - in any quantity. Authorized capital - at least 43 500 EUR. Structure of the company shall consist of the Board of Directors (headed by the General Director) and the Supervisory Board (of up to 15 person).

– Partnership with unlimited liability or TUB. There is no requirement to clear fixed limits of the authorized capital. The people involved should be no more 20. Decisions are taken by the General Director, in coordination with other members of staff, possessing the right to vote.

– Agricultural company with limited liability or ZUB. Organizational and Legal Form specializes in cases of partner businesses on equal footing with relatives or friends. The company consists of two leaders, which have equal rights (Lithuanian citizenship is not necessarily). An important condition is the requirement - half revenue should be the amount of, earned by the company in the field of agriculture.

The most common form of doing business in Lithuania is a closed joint stock company - UAB.