Company registration in China

Company registration in China

BWMS has its own human resources in PRC, as well as their representatives. When registering a company in China, we take into account the specifics and legislation of this country, which eliminates the complexity of the subsequent business.

China – developing economy, registration of a company in this country will allow you to invest money in the most promising region. By registering your own company in China, you can get a very effective financial instrument for trading operations or for organizing your own production..

BWMS specialists will help you find the best solution based on your tasks. Company registration in China – our profile, therefore we are able to provide this service in a short time and at a reasonable cost.

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service 280 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service 300 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 380 000 rubles

The above cost is calculated from BWMS experience in China company registrations. By contacting our company for this service, you can get high-level service and an individual approach to your task.

BWMS provides its services in China without intermediaries, we have our own human resources in this country. You can get more detailed information on company registration in China from our specialists, by contacting us by phone or email.

Registration of a company in China from 280 000 rubles

Recently, the attractiveness of doing business with China has been growing, due to consistently high growth rates of the country's economy. Management significantly softened the conditions for business in the PRC.

For some time, the world's giants have located their production here..

However, by registering a company in jurisdiction, it makes sense to use a hong kong company (registered at least 2 years ago) as a founder, it will allow get a number of significant advantages:

– Legalize documents for registration in a simplified form.

– The absence of foreign exchange control in Hong Kong will allow you to easily pay the authorized capital of a Chinese company.

– The documents will already be in Chinese.

– It is possible to organize a corporate scheme in Hong Kong, allowing to conceal the affiliation of Chinese and Russian companies.

– Minimize tax deductions from dividends, since there is an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation between the PRC and Hong Kong.

– Cash for Chinese products can be taken to the account of a Hong Kong company, bypassing currency control and income tax.

There are several forms for doing business in China:

– 100% foreign-owned company.

– representation.

– 50 on 50 with the Chinese.

– Hong kong company.

1. WFOE is a limited liability company with 100% foreign capital, can make profit and pay taxes in the PRC.

Main advantages:

– The opportunity to do business.

– Ability to convert profits into any currency for transfer to parent company outside of China.

– Protection of intellectual property rights.

– No license required for export / import.

2. Representation

Representative offices are used for market research and networking in China. However, the representative office is not allowed to engage in commercial activities..


– Conducts research and discloses data to clients and partners.

– Contacts local companies.

– Coordinates the activities of Chinese companies.

– Develops travel routes.

– Provides presence.

3. Joint venture (50/50 with Chinese participants)

The joint venture is an LLC with two founders - foreign and Chinese. In some areas, a joint venture is the only possible form of incorporation.

Companies choose to form a joint venture in order to experience the full benefits of the local market and understand their norms and methods.

A joint venture operates by agreement of both parties regarding a capital contribution, distribution of expenses incurred, profit and company management.


– Access to restricted market sectors.

– Joint representation reduces risk .

– Low labor costs, for products and potential share in the Chinese market.