Business registration in Kenya

Business registration in Kenya

Organizational and legal form of the company KENYA

– Company, limited by shares (Company limited by shares )

– Company, limited by guarantee (Company limited by guarantee )

– unlimited company (Unlimited company )

– Branch of a foreign company (Branch of a foreign company)

– Partnerships (Partnership )

– Limited Liability Partnership (Limited liability partnership )

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service from 85 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service from 120 000 rubles
  • Company registration and annual maintenance from 350 000 rubles

Open offshore in Kenya on 85 000 rubles, buy offshore in Kenya to open a bank account on 450 000 rubles

Republic of Kenya country in East Africa. It is considered an offshore, not communicating with the Russian Federation on taxation, but not included in the black list of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, The European Union and the Central Bank of Russian Federation.

In the ranking of Doing Business World Bank Kenya takes 61 th place on the ease of doing business, 11-the second - for the protection of shareholders and 8th place in the ranking of obtaining loans.


– Providing a unique name for the company's future

– Minimum Number of Directors, shareholders - one. For PLC - seven, for LLP - two, Individuals and legal entities.

– Director - be resident in Kenya

– Requirements on the presence of the Secretary no.

– Corporate expense necessary to open a bank in Kenya.

– Adding to the authorized capital: 2 USD. For PLC - 97 thousand USD.

– The presence of a physical address in Kenya.

– Payment of the state duty.

– Providing monthly reports.


– Stability and positive dynamics of economic growth.

– Economics center, Finance and Tourism in Africa.

– Trade relations with the leading jurisdictions in Europe, Asia, America, Africa.

– Guarantees to entrepreneurs many opportunities to improve business performance, creation of start-ups..

– Low labor costs.

– flexible taxation.

– The prospect of the development of the African Free Trade Zone (AFTZ).

– Existence of agreements DTA.


– The standard income tax rate in Kenya - 30%. EPZ companies are exempt from tax. For branches rate is 37,5%;

– Tax on dividends - 10%. For EPZ Company and LLP - 0%;

– NDS - 16 %.

Kenya - a country in East Africa by the Indian Ocean, Capital - Nairobi.

Kenya has long been in the status of a colony of Great Britain and currently continues to be a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations (British Commonwealth of Nations) and the most loyal and friendly country to the UK and the US, in Africa. Currency - Kenyan Shilling.

Now Kenya is becoming an attractive destination for international business, in connection with a number of legislative changes, aimed at attracting investment and providing venues for different activities. The changes are part of the plan, aimed at the development of the economy, which should be implemented before 2030 of the year.

In Kenya, the Trust operates legislation, which allows for management of assets under the Trust Deed.

The most convenient form of corporate structures, allowed to register, From our point of view,, It is a limited liability partnership (LLP). This form allows you to perform registration, as participants in a partnership (partners), both legal, and non-resident individuals.

Register jur. person It takes up to ten working days. The bank account can be opened for a period of two weeks to a month.

The country does not have the financial control, but for all transactions over 10,000 USD report to the central bank.

From the point of view of optimizing the tax burden, it makes sense to consider a partnership registration, as a legal form of activity, in special economic zones (SEZ) Kenya, which are located across the country.

FEZ - a platform for various activities, It involves the development of various industries in the country, increase local employment and investment, as well as the local infrastructure. The establishment of SEZ and attraction of investments for their development - it is a national project, allowing non-residents to take advantage of favorable conditions in order to minimize the tax burden and bureaucratic procedures, and to strengthen their rights. The taxable base for legal entities, licensed for the activity in SEZ, formed from 10% income tax, which is calculated on the basis of territorial principle ie. tax only income subject, produced domestically. It is assumed, the company in SEZ can conduct offshore operations. From 1 st January 2018 year abolished tax on dividends paid to non-residents of the country, also there is no VAT. Stamp duty for transfer of shares 1%, and the capital gains tax is 5%, that is the final rate.

For the application for registration of legal persons in Kenya, the applicant must complete our form and provide KYC three suspected variant name of the new company.

Reservation of company name takes up to three working days, after which you can proceed to registration.

For individuals:

– Two photos;

– Certified passport under the Apostille;

– activity description;

– Proof of income source (contracts of bank accounts and / or extracts for the past three months);

– Signed forms for the application for registration.

For legal entities:

– Statutory documents of the company and the declarative form of any changes in the company for the entire period of its existence;

– Certified passport under the Apostille Director / s and founder / MDL;

If the founder or director of the company is a legal entity, it is necessary to provide a complete package of statutory documents by Apostille.

– Description of the company;

– Confirming the source of income (contracts of bank accounts and / or extracts for the past three months);

– Signed by the statutory form for the application for registration.

Company registration cost together with delivery of the company's statutes 750 EUR.

We can also provide various options for partnership registration with our legal and physical. officials from Kenya, South Africa, Hong Kong and mainland


Licensing fees for the SEZ, depending on the type of activity, It is from 6,000 to 8,000 EUR.