Registration of the company in Ireland

Registration of the company in Ireland

Description jurisdiction

Ireland - a country in Northern Europe, which occupies most of the island of Ireland and in the north on the border with Northern Ireland (part of the UK). FROM 1949 , the country is part of the Council of Europe, from 1955 - the UN, from 1973 - the European Union.

Ireland's economy is growing at a rapid pace, due to the fact, that jurisdiction was moved their headquarters to many multinational corporations due to low tax rates.

AT 2013 , Forbes announced the jurisdiction of the best for business. However, Ireland is still recovering from the global economic crisis 2008-2009 years: Ireland before it was called "Celtic Tiger" (Example "Asian tiger") - the rate of growth of the economy it even overtook Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries.

To 1999 on the territory of the country acted Irish pound. FROM 1999 the euro has been applied.

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service from 135 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service from 350 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 290 000 rubles

Company Register in Ireland from 135 000 rubles

Компания Bridges Wealth Management Solutions registers and sells ready-made companies in Ireland - with nominee service, open a bank account and without.

Corporate tax

Normal corporate tax rate - 12,5%, this is one of the lowest rates in Europe. It applies to all active trading income, if they are not connected to the ground, oil, gas, minerals.

Rate 25% It applies to any activity, not trade-related, and is designed for passive income: royalty, rental income. This includes land transactions, oil, gas and minerals.

Ireland ready to deduct the payment of corporate income tax in another country (foreign tax credit): it works for the same type of income, even if there is no agreement between the two countries for the avoidance of double taxation.

example: company, which is registered in Ireland and receives dividends from a subsidiary company, registered in another country, can not pay its corporate tax - provided, that a subsidiary company has already paid it in another country.

This alignment allows the use of Irish company as an agent:

Company of Ireland conclude an agency agreement with the classic offshore.

The company decides to buy Irish goods from Russia (eg) company.

Sells this product in the EU companies.

It receives income and translates it into offshore - according to the agency agreement.

Irish company gets only agency fees, and is taxed at the rate 12,5%.

The rest of the income is offshore and is not taxable.

Agency scheme can significantly reduce the tax burden of beneficiaries.

Opening of the company with the participation of the resident as trustee in trust (a bank account)

The company is registered on our contractor - EU resident. He opens a bank account. According to the results of opening a bank account between the Client and the director of the company is the trust agreement, as well as power of attorney is issued on behalf of the Client.

dates on opening a bank account of the company are from 2-6 weeks. If strict compliance with our algorithm and effective interaction with the customer, we can guarantee not only the successful opening of a bank account, but also long-term and smooth its operation.

We work with the following banks:

DISGRACE (Allied Irish Banks);

Bank of Ireland.

Also, we offer open accounts in the payment system Transfer Wise.

The service includes:

– The actual address in Ireland

– Opening a bank account

– Transfer of client account management tools

– Power of attorney to the client's name

– trust agreement

– certificate of incorporation

– Memorandum

– share certificate

– Free shipping documents

– Registration with the tax authority

– The first annual report

– Electronic transmission of documents

– tax advice

additional nominee director service would cost EUR 300 monthly.

Nominee Services – EUR 800 in year.

*Prices may be adjusted depending on the amount of tasks.