Register Company in Hong Kong

Register Company in Hong Kong

Services in registration of companies in Hong Kong. BWMS providing these services on their own, without the help of intermediaries and third parties, through their own resources in Hong Kong.

BWMS has a permanent staff of its own employees in Hong Kong, that allows us to solve problems of any complexity in the jurisdiction.

Over the years, Hong Kong, Our specialists established business and friendly relations in a number of major banks. Registering a new company in Hong Kong by means of BWMS, our customers can rely on the subsequent opening of a bank account as soon as possible.

BWMS provides a full range of services for registration of companies in Hong Kong, as well as the reorganization of the existing firm, Organization Trusts and liquidation of enterprises.

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service 125 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service 180 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 450 000 rubles

BWMS reserves the right to make adjustments to the cost of services for registration of companies in Hong Kong, by prior agreement with the client. In some cases, in addition to registering a new firm, It requires subsequent opening of a bank account in this particular offshore, which entails a certain algorithm for the preparation of documents for opening companies. BWMS specialists will advise you on all matters relating to the registration of companies in Hong Kong and the organization of financial activity in the offshore. For more information you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Offshore in Hong Kong, open an offshore company in Hong Kong for 125 000 rubles

Hong Kong - the largest offshore area of ​​the Asia-Pacific region, It applies the principles of the common (case) rights.

jurisdiction of the economy is based on free market principles, low taxation and state interference in business. Hong Kong has already 20 years in the lead in the international ranking of economic freedom The Wall Street Journal, which is calculated on the basis of the Freedom in the areas of trade and business, taxes, Finance, investment and other indicators. Notably, that in this ranking Singapore ranked second.

The economic attractiveness of Hong Kong is growing steadily, what he says strong growth registered companies.

Despite, meets the criteria for that jurisdiction offshore zone, its credibility is very high, and located on the territory of representative offices of major international corporations.

Benefits of registration of offshore companies in Hong Kong

Taxation Hong Kong is based on the territorial principle, if the company conducts activities outside Hong Kong, the income is not taxed. In addition, the jurisdiction of the taxes in third place among the world's lowest.

Hong Kong is one of the safest jurisdictions for business, economy remains stable for several decades. Hong Kong is very attractive for foreign investment thanks to clear legislation.

If a company registered in Hong Kong, it has the advantage to prove the legal origin of funds to other jurisdictions companies - Hong Kong is respected around the world.

Recommendations for opening (purchase) offshore in Hong Kong

Offshore company in Hong Kong to open or recommended to buy in cases:

If you need an intermediary for trade with China, the Hong Kong company - ideal, though, that a company is great for trading activities around the world.

Using Hong Kong company as a Chinese shareholder - not only eliminates the possibility of nationalization of goods in import and export operations, but also reduces the tax payments.

Hong Kong is a priority for investment portal in the country international economic organizations developed countries OECD. Subsidiaries reducing tax costs and ensures complete confidentiality of assets.

Companies in Hong Kong It is often used for the organization of maritime passenger and freight transport, operating its own navy or freight.

Conditions of registration of offshore companies and doing business in Hong Kong

Conditions and procedure for the registration of companies in Hong Kong are regulated in the Companies Ordinance ("Resolution of the Companies') from 2012 of the year.

Register Company in Hong Kong usually it takes up to 7 working days, private owner or presence agent is not required.

In Hong Kong recorded the following organizational and legal forms:

  1. Private Limited Company. private body, liability for the obligations is limited to the value of shares.
  2. Public Company Limited by Shares. open organization, which is limited to the value of shares responsibility. Shareholder structure is not limited to, the company's shares are traded on the stock exchange. The most common form of registration of offshore companies in Hong Kong.
  3. Limited Partnership - Limited Liability Partnership. Number of participants (partners) can not exceed 20 person.
  4. Company Limited By Guarantee without a share capital. The company has no share capital, liability is limited partners guarantee.

The name of the company

The name indicates Latin or Chinese characters, necessarily ends with the word "Limited" (LTD).

In this case, the name may not be identical to the name in the index of Hong Kong companies register of company names.

List of documents for registration:

– Statement.

– Copies of the Charter and the Foundation Agreement.

– A notice at the Registration Desk.

The certificate of registration of business issued for one or three years.

Share capital and shares of the offshore company in Hong Kong

The authorized capital may be denominated in any currency. The minimum size of the authorized capital is not set, and the company should release at least 1 share, which is payable immediately after the release, or in the terms, provided the terms of issue. payment terms stated capital not specified. Typically, the authorized capital amounts to 10.000 Hong Kong dollars, divided into shares with a par value 1 Hong Kong dollar each.

by activity limitations

Non-resident companies are entitled to carry out any activity, if it is not prohibited by laws of Hong Kong. Licensed such activities as: bank, insurance, trust, investment, Forex trading and transactions with futures, hospitality and tourism.

It can be given a nominal service.


To register only one director. Hold this position can a person or entity. The Director may be resident of any country.


Must have at least one shareholder, natural or legal person, nationality can also be any.

Directors and shareholders may be one and the same person.

Shareholders' Meeting and the Board of Directors may be carried out in any jurisdiction.


To register, one must have a resident secretary, person or entity.


Open the registry contains information about the directors and shareholders of the company. nominee service is used to protect the data of the beneficiary.


In Hong Kong taxation applies the territorial principle. If a company sells goods or services outside Hong Kong, the tax rate 0%. At the same time in a jurisdiction is unacceptable presence of operational offices (yuradres not considered), staff, counterparties and transactions.

If a company operates in Hong Kong, then taxes are calculated at the following rates (reporting period begins the first of April):

8,25% - Income before 2 million. Hong Kong dollars (HKD), which is equivalent to $300 000.

16.5% - Income over 2 million. HKD.

Opening of the company with the participation of the resident as trustee in trust (a bank account)

The company is registered on our contractor - a resident of Hong Kong. He opens a bank account. According to the results of opening a bank account between the Client and the director of the company is the trust agreement, as well as power of attorney is issued on behalf of the Client.

In Hong Kong, we are working with leading banks, among which:

Bank of China (HK)

Hang Seng


China CITIC International

and et al.

service It includes at himself:

– Opening a bank account

– Transfer of client account management tools

– Power of attorney to the client's name

– trust agreement

– Package of statutory documents, print

– Free shipping documents

– Registration with the tax authority

– The first annual report

– Electronic transmission of documents

– tax advice

additional nominee director service would cost EUR 250 monthly.

Nominee Services EUR 800 in year.