Registration of the company in the Gambia

Registration of the company in the Gambia

In the Republic of The Gambia recorded the following organizational and legal forms:

– Open / Closed Limited Liability Company (Public LC/Private LC)

– unlimited company (UC)

– Company, limited by guarantee (LBG company)

– Individual entrepreneur (SP)

– Partnerships (LP/GP)

– Branch (B)

Those who wish to register a company in the Gambia, We advise to stop the choice on the following organizational and legal forms: Limited Liability Company (Public LC/Private LC), company, limited by guarantee (LBG company) and an unlimited company (UC).

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service from 70 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service from 95 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 430 000 rubles

Open offshore in the Gambia from 70 000 rubles, buy offshore in the Gambia to open a bank account on 580 000 rubles

The Republic of The Gambia for the smallest state in Africa, It has the status of poluanklava. It is considered an offshore, not communicating with the Russian Federation on taxation, but not included in the black list of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, The European Union and the Central Bank of Russian Federation.


Local regulator raises a number of conditions, under which the registration of the company without any problems:

The unique name

The allowable number of directors: from one or more (individuals / companies)

The allowable number of shareholders: from one or more (individuals / companies)

The authorized capital of the company: from 1 USD

The presence of a local registered office

The presence of the auditor

Obtaining a license for certain types of business activity

Submission of financial statements


Intending to draw companies in Gambia, be sure to check the list of tax obligations of the jurisdiction, provided in relation to local and foreign enterprises:

The basic rate of income tax is 27%

Minimum Alternative Tax: 1% for audited and 2% closed accounts

The sales tax rate: 15%

PIT: 30%.

HOW TO OPEN companies in Gambia

If you have any interest in the jurisdiction experts Bridges Wealth Management Solutions will advise, help to open a bank account of the Gambia and get a license for doing business. Company Registration takes an average of 2-3 of the week.