Joined the company in Malta

Joined the company in Malta

Joined the company in Malta – BWMS service provided without intermediaries. Besides company registration, BWMS facilitates bank account opening in Malta, obtaining licenses for various types of activities and much more.

Malta provides interesting conditions for doing business on its territory. Also, this country has a number of important international agreements., allowing you to conduct business outside its borders on favorable terms.

This jurisdiction is recognized as reliable in most countries of Europe and the world. By opening a company in Malta, you can get a reliable financial instrument for international transactions, acquisition of assets and investment.

You can open a company in Malta quickly enough, while the subsequent management of the company is carried out remotely by the client or with the help of our specialist on site.

Prices for our services:

  • Registration of the company without nominee service from 140 000 rubles
  • Registration of the company with nominee service from 195 000 rubles
  • Company to open a bank account from 340 000 rubles

Указанная стоимость регистрации компании на Мальте рассчитана исходя из большинства запросов клиентов. В некоторых случаях стоимость открытия новой компании может быть увеличена по предварительному согласованию с клиентом.

Открытие компании на Мальте может быть реализована в нескольких вариантах, подробности вы можете узнать у наших специалистов по телефонам или электронной почте.

Offshore company in Malta from 140 000 rubles

Malta authorities ensured attractiveness for business and investment. The political environment is stable, and the rate of economic growth is high. A company in Malta opens up ample opportunities for doing business in the European Union, although the jurisdiction is not offshore, and companies are not exempt from taxes.

The Republic of Malta and the Russian Federation have signed agreements for the avoidance of double taxation.

The Maltese legislator has provided mechanisms for the creation of business structures, meeting the broad needs of entrepreneurs.

Basic income tax rate 5%. However, if the profit of the limited liability company is received outside the Republic, then the income tax rate can be 0%.

The authorized capital of the LLC is € 1165, 20% mandatory for maturity. LLC has three employees: director and two shareholders, who can be citizens of any state.

Strict accounting practices are practiced.

LLC registration takes place in 24 hours, needs at least one founder.

To register you need:

– memorandum and constitution, signed by the founders,

– hire a director and secretary, it can be citizens of any state, however, their stay in Malta is optional;

– deposit distributed share and working capital into accounts of Maltese banks;

– reserve the name and organize an office in Malta - the address can be used as the main location of the company, director (person or entity) or secretary.