A company with a bank account in the UK

A company with a bank account in the UK

As known, Great Britain - a country with a long history, influence and developed economies, ranked fifth in the world.

United Kingdom, is the transition from the open market and focus on raising capital, to the social order, and are guided by the interests of the voter. It certainly will be a leader in the market of legal services, but it is hardly suitable for direct investment and movement of capital.

Anyway, we understand, that a huge number of business interests in the UK were, who need solutions, allowing to continue, restore or initiate business processes. In this regard,, We offer the market our trustee services in the United Kingdom.

A company with a bank account

A company with a bank account is just a tool, allowing to build on all the components of activity. In this proposal, we want to draw attention only to the possibility to register a company and open a bank account with the assistance of the trustee services.

Our team, It will help to work out the content of the business model, if the need arises, and plan activities until the selection of a tax consultant.

Registration of the company in the UK takes one day. The main problem is not the registration of the legal entity, and in the organization of all the components in such a way, to avoid overlapping at the stage of opening a bank account, or at the stage of interaction with the bank is already open account.

We do not use the address of mass registration, Secretaries of dubious reputation, Directors and mass registration of all what so accustomed to local registrars.

The contractual relationship between the beneficiary and the trustee will be processed legally correct, if necessary, respecting the full client confidentiality. Our legal instruments will not cause bewilderment in the Crown. supposing, if the beneficiary wish to reveal the essence of the relationship with an attorney at any stage, then he will not have any problems with it.

Our offer includes the registration of the legal entity, opening a bank account to an attorney and the transfer of account management tools, the designated beneficiary of the face.

Prices for our services:

Company registration and annual maintenance - EUR 160

trustee services - EUR 8,000 in year

Physical office address - EUR 6,000 in year

We are working with the banks Metro Bank, Barclays and NatWest. Opening a bank account takes from two weeks to a month.

*Prices may be adjusted depending on the amount of tasks.