It is considered, that register a company in the United States is difficult, and keep records - it is practically impossible. However, it is not.

In some states the conditions of opening and running a business better, than in jurisdictions, with many of the features of offshore companies.

Ready-made companies in the United States registered a while ago and regularly submit reports. With such a company without question will have to deal, because it is not like the one-day firms.

There are companies like to open an account in a US bank, and without them.

The acquisition of a shelf company will save a lot of time and eliminates the risk of failure to register.

Below are the base prices for the company's registration in the US.

For information on companies ready - call the numbers at the top of site.

Prices for our services:

  • Register your company from 70 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account from 140 000 rubles
  • consulting from 20 000 rubles

The main advantages of the company in the US

Highly reputable jurisdiction. A number of states do not have foreign exchange controls, mandatory reporting and auditing, with zero taxes.

The ideal way to enter the US market. Just register the business and open a bank account. The most capacious market in the world.