Singapore is one of the most attractive business jurisdictions.. Sustainable political and banking systems in Singapore due to favorable geographic location, legislation, providing business transparency and a developed tax system. Personal information of capital owners is protected.

Alas, CIS citizens find it difficult to fully conduct business in Singapore, Singapore banks refuse to open accounts and do not accept payments from Russia, therefore, it is necessary to act through representatives - citizens of Singapore.

BWMS has its own staff in Singapore to represent clients in Singapore.. Including BWMS have contacts among bank officers.

In some cases, it’s important for contractors, so that the Singapore company has already been on the market for some time, to contract with her. For such cases, BWMS has firms, registered several years ago and regularly reporting.

BWMS also has companies with open accounts in banks in Singapore, in or without payment systems.

In other cases, BWMS opens a new company with a resident director of Singapore, which is fully contracted with BWMS, thus fully controlled by the client.

In the interests of the client, BWMS provides opening an account with one or more banks in Singapore, as well as in payment systems.

Prices for our services:

  • The company in Singapore with a score in the DBS 1 500 000 rubles
  • Register your company from 270 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account from 380 000 rubles
  • consulting from 20 000 rubles

The indicated price does not include additional BWMS services in Singapore, opening additional bank accounts, legal consulting, tax optimization, passing compliance, due diligence, additional registration actions. Additional services are paid separately.

Key Company Benefits in Singapore

Efficient and stable banking system. For companies provide preferential rates 0-17%, high level of confidentiality of data on the final beneficiaries - the state does not disclose them, We simplified the registration procedures - they take a couple of days, and for the most part automated, carried out on the Internet channels.

Business in Singapore for Russian businessmen - the reality, because of business constraints are no aliens.

Open a company is extremely simple - the minimum threshold of the share capital amounts to one Singapore dollar (it is smaller than the US) and only a single shareholder. According to local legislation, business in Singapore may start anyone, at least 18 years of age.