Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Recent development trends in some African countries are opening up business opportunities. Sierra Leone is one of these African countries..

Businessmen from different countries actively enter the local market, to fill free niches.

Russian entrepreneurs are interested in local companies with accounts in order to use them as a buffer between Russia and status jurisdictions around the world..

Buying a ready-made company will save time, and the fact, that the company was registered what is called not yesterday, indicates serious intentions.

BWMS has ready-made companies with an open bank account with a Sierra Leone bank and no bank account.

Prices for our services:

  • The company in Sierra Leone, with the score at Zenith 680 000 rubles
  • Register your company from 65 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account from 45 000 rubles
  • consulting from 20 000 rubles

Prices shown do not include additional BWMS services, that can be rendered in Sierra Leone. Departure of the representative to the judicial authorities, government departments, registration of a group of companies, tax optimization services and more.

The main advantages of jurisdiction

Extremely cheap labor.It is easy to register a business.There are exchange controls.

Banks operate without problems with Russian banks.

Extremely loyal jurisdiction for investment and business.

The jurisdiction of the broad business opportunities and yet low competition.