Norway is a European Union country with an impeccable reputation and a stable economy, clear legislation and loyalty to non-residents.

It is possible to obtain tax benefits in the jurisdiction.

BWMS has already registered companies in Norway with a bank account, accounts in payment systems or without bank accounts.

A ready-made company will save time and eliminate the possibility of refusal to register.

Also BWMS will register a new company in accordance with the specifics of the client's business.

Company registration does not take much time.

BWMS staff will ensure the opening of a bank account in a Norwegian bank or an account in a payment system.

Prices for our services:

  • Register your company from 155 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account from 85 000 rubles
  • consulting from 20 000 rubles

The prices shown only include basic BWMS services. If necessary, BWMS will carry out tax optimization for a separate cost, will receive tax breaks, will open an additional bank account or account in the payment system, will ensure the receipt of a license to engage in certain types of activities, will carry out representation in public authorities, will recruit employees and provide other services in Norway.

Main advantages of the company in Norway

  • High international authority of jurisdiction,
  • stable economy,
  • protection of owner information (confidentiality),
  • possibility of tax optimization.