Czech Republic

Czech Republic

BWMS recommends to Russian entrepreneurs a company in the Czech Republic for doing business in the European Union due to the ease of registration, loyalty of the Czech authorities and banks to non-residents, in particular for Russian citizens.

Tax legislation does not have high tax rates, and the tax burden can be significantly reduced.

BWMS has ready-made companies for sale - either with an open bank account or an account in a payment system, still without him.

Also, BWMS in the shortest possible time is guaranteed to register a company in the Czech Republic in accordance with the specifics of the client's business.

BWMS has verified contacts in Czech banks and government authorities, which allows you to quickly resolve any emerging situations.

Prices for our services:

  • Register your company from 255 000 rubles
  • Open a bank account from 90 000 rubles
  • consulting from 20 000 rubles

The indicated cost does not include additional BWMS services in the Czech Republic, services such as legal and tax consulting, representation of the client's interests in public authorities, passing compliance, due diligence, alignment with anti-money laundering requirements, opening a group of companies, including in other jurisdictions, opening additional bank accounts in banks in the Czech Republic and other jurisdictions - paid separately.

The main advantages of the company in the Czech Republic

There is no exchange control. In the Czech Republic there are no restrictions for foreign citizens to open a business. Foreign entrepreneurs enjoy the same rights and conditions for doing business, like Czech citizens.

The legal framework for entrepreneurial activity is comfortable and transparent, therefore, it is not difficult to create and register a company. Corruption and crime rates are low, loyal taxation system. It is easy to get a loan from the bank for the development of an enterprise, and loan rates are low.

The Czech Republic's membership in the Schengen area makes it possible to cooperate with suppliers and customers from other countries of the European Union, receive subsidies and benefits, use European investment programs.

Neighborhood with Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia significantly expands the potential market for goods and services.