international services

Services of the company BWMS in the international field. From registering new companies abroad and opening accounts with foreign banks to managing international assets.

Bridges Wealth Management Solutions International Law Consulting Company

  • We independently register companies in jurisdictions, We sell foreign companies with a reputation (with and without account).
  • Open accounts in foreign banks.
  • We resolve international conflicts and controversial issues.
  • We manage capital abroad.
  • We advise in the field of common law, finance and taxes.
  • We conduct compliance audit, bring in line with anti-money laundering requirements, due diligence.

We will advise by phone +7 499 288-26-83 (Moscow), +44 117 318-39-38 (London). Call.

Radically new approach and fresh solutions at market prices

Prices within market. Transparency. Unique tools unparalleled in the industry.

Our combined experience in various jurisdictions and a built-up network of partnerships allows us to deliver services, which are very different from the offers of other market participants

Remote opening of bank accounts, licensing of operating, investment and financial activities, legal instruments, letters of credit, fiduciary services and a number of other solutions. We control the process of delivery of the service and maintain control over what is happening throughout the entire journey, which we go through with the client.