Companies in Hong Kong

Companies in Hong Kong

As quickly as possible to buy the company?

You can buy a company with an account in Hong Kong quickly and without unnecessary red tape.

– For this procedure, only one participant. company name entered in the register in two languages: Chinese and English;

– A convenient form of registration allows unhindered export of goods from China to other countries;

– Foreign residents are entitled to certain tax benefits;

– The company in Hong Kong can carry out their activities with internal partners, and outside the area;

– To reduce the tax on net profit can be achieved by the use of low-tax relief system;

– Local law provides for three types of taxes: payroll, profit, property;

– If you open an account in Hong Kong, automatically ensures complete confidentiality of any personal information of the owner;

– Face, has bought the company, It has every right to open a bank account in any bank structure.

Knowing all the features of the procedure especially the opening of the company in Hong Kong with a score of, We can achieve real results in the development and promotion of business.

Open a company in Hong Kong with a score of

Buy a company with an account in Hong Kong - one of the most successful solutions. This state is one of the leaders of the world's financial centers. It is suitable for business start-geographical position. It attracts with its stable economic, the political situation. Finance companies on its territory are actively used a huge number of entrepreneurs from all countries. By large holdings, small investment and trading firms are developing successfully in the absence of taxation.

What is particularly Kong zone?

to successfully open an account in Hong Kong, you need to clearly understand the characteristics of a given territory. According to experts, the country is second only to China's direct investment issued to foreign nationals. The set of agreements with leading tax centers of other countries are set in order to exclude situations of double taxation.

The main port, where foreign goods arrive, completely exempt from duties on importation and exportation of goods. And this regime applies to the territory of the other-wordly. The owners of offshore companies are making money only for payment of annual fees. Buy a company in Hong Kong possible without unnecessary red tape. Filing through Internet. Per day occurs registration of necessary documents.

Current information about the owner, Shareholders are always freely available. And because you can attract more business participants. Over the past year it has steadily decreased tax rate. In future it is planned to reduce its 15 %. Which is lower compared to the conditions no less popular for foreigners in Singapore. The company in Hong Kong with a score of It is not subject to exchange control. In addition, the country has very low levels of corruption.

All of these conditions are talking about the obvious benefit of buying firm in Hong Kong. Which is confirmed by analytical studies. Each year, more and more businesses, whose owners - foreign nationals, bought in this attractive area of ​​financial. Their number has grown significantly, since there is a clear, designed tax system and success in the development of business of all sizes.

Necessary conditions for work offshore

A wish buy a company in Hong Kong - is realistic and feasible. Before making the final choice, you need to carefully examine all requirements, who shall discharge the owner. The first rule - regular reporting on its activities. By controlling financial audits better involve local auditors. They must be licensed. Annual Report For the companies register.

The main office of your company must be located in the territory of the country. You need to register officially. With regard to the place of storage of documentation of clear rules exist. They can be placed outside of the offshore zone. For the authorized capital will suit any currency. If its size increases, the need to pay local taxes established by legislation.

State companies should total at least three people. This includes director, at least one shareholder. These persons may be nationals of any state. For documentation, The Secretary selected the negotiations, which must necessarily reside in the offshore country. If the business is transferred to a new owner, it provides for the payment of stamp duty.

The entire purchase procedure involves the following rules:

– Selection of the most appropriate version of the company's previously established list;

– Selecting multiple activities;

– Solution of the problem, concerning the targeting of company;

– Analysis of the authorized capital of the acquired company;

– The presence of at least one shareholder;

– Confirmed notarized copy of the first page of the passport, evidence of residential address. The latter document is translated into English.

In the case of a legal entity as a shareholder, going substantial package of documents. It includes the Charter, registration certificate, register of directors, secretaries, shareholders. Be sure to attach a letter registered agent for giving the issue and allotment of shares of the company, document, which confirms the current status and the existing internal structure.

For making the most correct decision is better to pick up the five options from the list. Likewise, should proceed in determining the direction of their business. If in the future you plan to work in the territory of the country, the need to resolve the issue with the office lease. Otherwise, the agreement must also be, in the text that you provide your registered address outside the zone.