Registering foreign companies. We sell ready-made companies abroad
Financial instruments for international business from a provider. Register a foreign company on favorable terms.
Companies and bank accounts in offshore
Financial instruments for business offshore. Registration of the company in the offshore without intermediaries.
Open accounts in foreign banks
Open an account with any country in the world for companies and individuals. Great experience and service of the highest level.
International business services from the provider
Legal services abroad. Foreign Assets Control.


We adhere to high quality standards, safety and service


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What we stand out from concurrency ?
Ready-made solutions for your business available
We are working on solutions based on the client's objectives in the shortest possible time
Experience and the exclusion of intermediaries in the provision of services to clients
The goal of our team - good reputation and high quality services


International financial services, offshore companies

We form and operate Trusts, incorporate in offshore/common law jurisdictions, assist in bank account opening and provide a range of wealth management services.

BWMS’ area of expertise is the Corporate Law, Financial Management, Financial Investigations and the provision of satellite services.

We form and structure our services without an agent or a third-party involvement in 90% of the cases. We are not a fee-based agent company but an actual provider of all our services.


Registration abroad. Opening foreign bank accounts.

Trust Formation and Management, registration of the company in the offshore, bank accounts, Foreign Assets Control.

Bridges Wealth Management Solutions specializes in foreign companies registration, opening accounts in foreign banks, corporate law, financial management and related financial services.

Bridges Wealth Management Solutions is a provider of services, it means, we own registering foreign companies and open accounts, thereby eliminating intermediaries. Due to the independent resources worldwide, our company is ready to provide services for the registration of companies abroad and the opening of foreign accounts on favorable terms, maintaining a high level of service, efficiency and quality.

In practice, this means, what do you, eg, You decide to buy offshore and open an account with a foreign bank, please contact. In words you "guarantee", that the funds will be fully intact, but when money suddenly blocked bank, the company shrug, breakwater, "Contractors have brought".

We have no such contractors, We do everything ourselves, and the local director (if jurisdiction requirements limit the rights of the Russian residents) They are under our strict control.

At this point, the main countries of our activities are: USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Malta, Lithuania, Singapore, China (PRC), Hong Kong, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Gambia. We also provide services in the common jurisdictions: BVI (BVI), Cyprus, Turkey, Latvia.

We are actively working in the United Arab Emirates.

Register your company in the offshore, open an account with a foreign bank. Tax optimization of activity of a foreign company.

The main focus of Bridges Wealth Management Solutions are services in foreign countries. If you need to register a company in the offshore, open an account in a foreign bank or organize business activities abroad, then you have come to the address!

BWMS experts will help to solve problems of any complexity, from the registration of a foreign company, in offshore jurisdictions, and opening a bank account, to tax optimization and asset management.

Receiving payment system license in Europe and Asia. A banking license abroad.

Support for the design and receiving payment system license in Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania and other countries. Assistance in obtaining Authorised Payment Institution License (API) or licenses Electronic Money Institution (EMI).

Help in the design and a banking license in Lithuania, Africa, BVI (BVI) and other countries. Support in the organization of banking activities abroad.

Formation and management of trusts.

BWMS also specializes in the organization of Trusts, in countries where the prevalence of trust laws, including offshore, Management Trust and a number of related legal services in the field of trust law.

The main offshore jurisdictions, which actively operates BWMS, are: Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kenya.

International Business Support. Solving problems of any complexity around the world.

BWMS specialists advise and assist in the management of international assets, particularly through Trusts ie. trust asset Management through an appointed attorney. The establishment of companies and opening bank accounts in common law jurisdictions, within the framework of the trust law and complying with the relevant regulatory authorities

Asset Management, provision of financial services.

BWMS experts assist and advise in international currency transactions; in international law, taxation and banking. BWMS holds Compliance Audit, Due Diligence, developing measures in the field of Anti-Money Laundering and assists clients efficiently and as quickly as possible to pass inspection contractors, banks or state. institutions.

The list of activities includes BWMS Client Asset Management, legal support of transactions and commercial activities.

BWMS provides other international representation services.

Buy foreign company. Buy an offshore company.

Contacting BWMS, you can buy an already registered company or a foreign offshore company. Buy ready-made offshore company is often easier and faster, you can register a new. BWMS regularly registers companies in the offshore and open accounts in foreign banks, so there is always available a list of ready-made companies with a bank account and without. You can buy ready-made company to open a bank account without the account, while BWMS will make all necessary changes to the registry and statutory documents, notify the bank and issue of purchase and sale deal with all the rules, regulations and legislation.

Buying from BWMS finished an offshore company to open a bank account, you can be sure of its legitimacy and efficiency.

BWMS own forms and structures own services! It works without the involvement of third parties, Agents and Brokers. BWMS - direct manufacturer and distributor of topical products and services.

Уровень и качество сервиса нашей компании соответствует мировым стандартам в юрисдикциях Великобритании, Hong Kong, Singapore, gibraltar, The United States and other countries. Имея большой опыт работы в оффшорных юрисдикциях по всему миру, BWMS регистрирует компании в оффшорах и открывает оффшорные счета в кратчайшие сроки, оптимизируя расходы клиента.


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